Barrons Vs. V'lane

This is a subject all Fever fans have come across in one or another way.

But, beware! Spoiler alert!
ATTENTION! If you haven't read Shadowfever (Fever #5) yet, DO NOT read this post! 

In my review of the last book of the great series created by Karen Marie Moning, I tried to include all my thoughts without giving anything away! I didn't want to ruin that wonderful experience for anyone in any way!

A major part of these books was the romantic triangle between Mac, Barrons and V'lane.

But, let's see!
I will give a description of mine for both male characters, some of their advantages and disadvantages (in my personal opinion). The choise is yours.

Fever by Karen Marie Moning

So, Barrons. Jericho Barrons. JZB.
Well, a strong name for a strong character.
We don't know yet what exactly he is!
Fact is he can't get killed. Not ever! In any way!
His son got K'Vrucked, though, with the help of Mac. K'Vruck is something far more final than death. But, KMM has explained it so much better, so I won't dig into details.
Barrons and his team are strong men, that can transform to beasts. Powerful and deadly. Born to kill.
He is very muscled, tattooed and inspires something very erotic and sexual to the females.
He is determined to protect Mac at all costs, even after his son's release.
He isn't big about words, so he has said that he loves her only indirectly.
Barrons and Mac are a very fine couple that can communicate through their eyes. This doesn't seem possible for anyone else in this book.
He has taken countless photos of her in many situations. Even from before she had met him!

Well, he could be any woman's dream man!
The only disadvantage I've found in him is, well, that he can get very ruthless and violent. With his love, Mac, he isn't gentle. And, he uses the f* word too much for my tastes. Mac has also mentioned that he is more animal than man. Hmm, I think I'd stick for human men. But, of course, Mac knows better than that. And, for me they are an ideal couple. One of the few fictional ones I actually support with all my might.

So, my conclusion?
Passion-filled Barrons is a man whose heart every woman would want, but only one like Mac could win and have. So, I vote for that couple and I am for Team Barrons in that, but not for myself.

Fever by Karen Marie Moning

Well, well, well.
V'lane, on the other side, is a Fae prince. And, as every prince of his race he has an unmistakable sexual affect on every woman. Human woman, at least. He can turn it off, of course, but well, not completely. He will always be very beautiful and always women will turn his way and stare.

But, as far as we know for more than 4,5 books he has been very kind and sweet towards Mac.
He has tried to communicate with her in a human way, trying to learn how to talk more like human and mimitating the expressions of the faces. He appears as the Seelie Prince that tries to save his queen and his world from the Un-Seelie. He doesn't put very much pressure on Mac to choose between him and Barrons, and it's actually sweet, how he always trie to please her and does whatever she tells him to do. So, 'till the half of the fifth book I was leaning more on side of Team V'lane, even though I knew that in the end, he wouldn't end up with Mac. But, unlike Barrons, I'd choose Team V'lane for myself.

[One more warning, if you haven't stopped reading that post, but you haven't read Shadowfever yet, this would be as good a time to stop reading the thread. Honestly, what I'm going to mention will probably shock many people, and in the book it comes as an even bigger surprise, along with the feelings of MacKayla. Consider yourselves warned.]

So, imagine my utterly enormous shock when Mac (and, through her, all us readers) realizes that V'lane might just not be the real good guy we all thought. He starts reading and absorbing all the spells contained to the Sinsar Dubh, while having blocked everyone from reaching him. And, then imagine how much my heart would have crashed if the author hadn't prepared us so well psychologically for what was to happen next. (As I've already mentioned in my reviews, KMM knows a lot about psychology and I deeply respect her for that. I'm a psychology-to-be, so, yeah!)
V'lane transformed into Cruce, War, the fourth Unseelie Prince, who was known to be dead. Turned out he's not. Poor -real- V'lane had died on his place. But, well, also turned out V'lane wouldn't have been who we thought he was. He would just be another arrogant Fae prince.
What was EVEN MORE shocking was that V'lane Cruce was the fourth Fae that raped Mac that fateful night in that church, when the walls came down. His excuse? He had desired her, she had refused. Simple as that. And, he was the one that had given her the elixir that, we later found out, prolongued her life. But, that just adds to the time she'll spend with her Jericho, so we don't really mind. If Dani and then Barrons hadn't saved her, though, she would just be eternally Pri-ya, thanks to V'lane Cruce.

So, after all these, of course there is no such thought inside my head, as Team V'lane.

That's for now, verbalizing my thoughts about the Fever series, hoping that I will eventually get over them. Geez, they really affected me, didn't they?

Congratulations to the wonderful author Karen Marie Moning!


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