Books... Books! Did I mention books?

Originally posted on Wednesday, 4 January 2012, 23:31 at Chibi Neko

After my (finally successful) tries of being left in peace and quiet, I decided to write a post, although I have to admit I wasn't really in the mood before...
After going to my favorite super marker (yes, I DO have one) with a bunch of (important -- to me) people, and thinking so much about all the studying I'll have to do tomorrow, and, of course, that which I did yesterday (although, I ended up with an awful headache), you can't really blame me, can you?

The truth is, this month I'm gonna complete for projects for the university, have some tests and quizzes and, of course, the semester's exams... Ugh. I got tired, just with enumerating them!

Anyway, back to my point, I wasn't really in the mood to write anything today, until someone changed my mind. And, who's that? The blogger behind Books Over Boys blog!

Why's that? Well, today I decided to start reading the short prequel of a series I've been planning to read for quite some time, but I never actually do it, because I'm afraid I'll become addicted to it... And I can't afford that! I have too much studying.

So, after reading it throughout the whole afternoon today and some searching I found that blog, and TA DA! I read the second post and got totally hooked!

I absolutely need to quote this blogger's words, in order for my point to be successfully understood.

''But out of all of Alex's matches, the one where she went up against Rosemarie was definitely my favorite because 1.) both gals put up an amazing fight, 2.) it was super friendly and fun, 3.) the support that came from boths sides was unbelievable, 4.) it was crazy intense, 5.) it was challenging, and 6.) it went exactly how it would have gone if Alex and Rose were in a real life, fictional battle - head to head, where one wasn't falling completely behind. Man, if only Alex and Rose could meet in real life.''

The truth is, I'd really, really like to be a part of that voting round (hosted by The YA Sisterhood), but I hadn't actually realised it was going on... Although, I'd definitely vote for Rose ('cause she's the best heroine I've ever encountered, and I haven't really read the Half Blood series, yet), I'd just love the idea of participating in something like that and sharing that stress and anxiety with all the other participants. Also, I'd like so much to imagine it as a battle that indeed happened between two good and quite loved heroines.
I'll just have to keep an eye for similar events in the future...

So, another thing I'd like to mention, because it's getting late and I'm quite tired, I'm up for a change in my blog...
Part of it is already visible, with all the stuff I've been adding to my side bar.

Oh and you can also find banners of your favorite series here

And, also stickers for your favorite teams!

Smwats, for now! I'm going back to my copy of Blood Ties by Poole, and to my favorite video game (in which i'm currently naming the people out of my favorite book characters :D)


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