I'm heading to Crazytown, along with Bella.

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My sweet blog is soon to reach 8000 pageviews, and I'm nearly mad.
I'll be a mad scientist. Ugh. I can't be a mad psychologist. Not fair for my clients...
But, anyway!

After my ramble, I have to make an announcement.
I just discovered something fabulous. My friends will be proud of me!

Bella Swan (lately, Bella Swan-Cullen) suffers from Flat affect!

Think I'm just being crazy? Nuh-uh!
Check it out.

Flat affect is an emotional state where virtually no emotion is expressed whatever the stimulus. Emotional expressiveness is blunt, or lack of muscle tone is noted in the face.

(Taken from the notes of my Clinical Psychology professor.)

Actually, the other day, we were talking about Bella with my (totally crazy, psychologists-to-be) friends, after we watched Breaking Dawn / Part I . To be more specific we were commenting on her tendency to be so unexpressive, no matter what she does.
Bella meets Edward, the man of her dreams, blah blah blah, she remains blunt.
She becomes his girlfriend, the same.
She has an accident and the vampires of the house want to attack her, more bluntness.
Someone tries to murder her, you guessed it! Blunt.
She gets married, with a passive expression on, of course!
She shares more intimate moments with Edward, and again blunt.
She learns she's pregnant, TA DA, if you haven't guessed she stays blunt.

Thank God, while in pain she has a less passive expression on. But, still, not quite close to energetic.
So, we were wondering how people can really be on Team Bella.
I gave you quite a few examples of her passiveness.
And, those are only what you can see. Imagine combining with some of her actions, too!
Ugh. The only energetic thing she ever did, in my opinion, was her persistence on staying close to Edward. But, other than that? Nothing.
I'm not gonna say more, because I respect all those Twilight fans, and all the people that haven't read the whole series, yet. Don't want to ruin it for them.

So, if you haven't really guessed what team I'm voting for, take a hint by the photo. Rose is the #1 heroine of all time, for me. She is the exact opposite of Bella, and I deeply admire her for that. And, of course, I understand she passed through a Bella-phase, as many people called it, but come on. It was nothing like New Moon. While I loath that book and the behavior of its heroine in it, we have to admit that Rose had some similarities with her through that phase. But, she was in love! And something terrible happened to the man of her dreams. He didn't just dump her! And, most important of all? She didn't remain passive, waiting for someone to help her. She actually went on a journey to find him. And, anyway, it was quite good to actually see that side of her. The one that is in love. To see that she really deeply fell in love with Dimitri and he wasn't just a fling like all her previous ones. I can't say the same for Bella, though. Did her depression show us something different? Only that she was really in love. But a whole book with just her dpressing thoughts? Come on! She could do better than that! Probably...

Anyway, I'll stop rambling because, although I tried to stick to what blurbs let be known, I could be accused for Spoilers... Something I really don't want.

And, okay, as a final thought, I might be a little biased seeing how I simply adore Vampire Academy (and recently Bloodlines, too). But, I guess that's the whole point. Part of why I love these series is the heroine herself. So, yeah!

(I started from studying for my Psychology assignments, and ended up rambling about VA. Yet, again! That's what I call obsession!)


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