Once a Witch, Always a Witch...

Originally posted on Friday, 15 July 2011, 00:49 at Chibi Neko

Actually the title of this post is about the titles of 2 books that belong to the same series written by :D

I think this is very creative! Combining a saying with 2 of her books!
If you get what I mean, actually... It's hard for me to put t to words that late at night :p [It's not too late, but that does not prevent me from being SLEEEEEPY :O]
But anyway, right now I've started reading another book! :D
An after I end those series I'm gonna start a stand-alone book...
I hadn't realized I missed those, utnil Donna from 'Book Passion for Life' mentioned it! Yup, I've become addicted to Jessica&Donna's blog.. Whenever I'm online I'm looking for reviews, soo yup! :D

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