VA love. Scratch that... Addiction!

I've started reviewing books I'd long ago read for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon, and thought it would be a good idea to provide an update about it.
The thing is, I started with the books I like the best. Which means that I just finished reviewing the Vampire Academy books. Well, I still can't really believe I hadn't written a review for Last Sacrifice, the last installment in the VA series. I can't understand why.

But, anyway, I decided to publish this book because of exactly the reason why I decided to start this Marathon.
Even if I didn't read all those books again from the beginning, just digging inside my memories and heart for the right things to say about them, was an awesome experience.
I got a unique to chance to experience all these feelings all over again, something I truly enjoyed.

And, some minutes ago I realized that by the time I stopped writing the review and actually published it, I had a dreamful expression on. Identical of the one I had when I actually finished reading this book and those seriess, in general. All this relief for Rose and Dimitri comes out again.

And, of course, just like this day on July when I first finished the last book on the VA series, I feel once again that I can't really get into another book for awhile. After such an experience  it seems pretty useless to try to concentrate on a storyline after still feeling all those things just for one book.

But, this time, I don't have the same luxury.
What must be done, must be done, and, I'll give myself just a small break because I go back to reviewing books I'd read some time ago!


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