PTA Indigo Spell Non-Spoiler Reaction Tweets

Penguin Teen Australia's reaction to the Indigo Spell!

Awwh Sydney so nice to be back in your logical practical head pg 1

'Miss Melbourne' we think Miss T has a special affinity for Australia pg 7

Oh dear the fallout pg 9

Letting someone else drive Latte, big improvement Sydney pg 18

Yay that this is happening pg 20

Well hello there Mr Ivashkov, you smirking devil you pg 24

Oh so well played Adrian (insert slow clap here)

We're only at pg 29 and the Ivashkov zinger count is already at sarcastic awesome levels!

And you're back are you? Pg 36

Damn Adrian, you look FINE! Pg 42

Best Dad ever just showed up! And in some outfit Pg 43

Ivashkov, you are a pot stirring legend. Pg 53

Oh pg 57 you are chock full of amazing quotes

Oh the Sydrian feels! Pg 62

This page will cause a collective squeal of delight - we can assure you pg 63

We totally agree with you on that one Sage pg 70

Awwh poor Jill pg76

Eww, that's just gross pg 86

You can do it Sydney, be brave pg 102

Wow Sydney's book reviews are kinda harsh pg 104

Woah followed by a big, hey WOAH! Pg 107

Man did this just get a whole lot more complex for Sydney pg 112

That's right Sage rolls with a cool crowd pg 117

And if it's possible Adrian just got sexier pg 119

We LOVE how Sydney's mind is working pg 121

So far we can tell you: things to have at your release party include formal wear and fondues. This list will be updated.

Thank God we're sitting because we've got some major Ivashkov swoon going on pg 125

No bromance there pg 127

This is something we want to read, despite Sydney's horror pg 133

Hello major foreshadowing it's good to see you again, although probably not for those involved pg 137

Undercover shenanigans, undercover shenanigans! pg 145

'I have no words to describe what just happened' Neither do we Sydney, except LMAO pg 147

Sydney Sage got game pg 163

Eddie's got a fan club pg 171

And to launch party list: snowflake t-shirt pg 177

Honorary Member t-shirts will be next year's big thing pg 180

Pg 182 Pg 182 oh the Sydrian feels!!!!

Awesome work Ivashkov, pure awesomeness pg 186

Oohhh we're getting nervous, this doesn't sound good Pg 203

Sydney's reading guide books with hilarious titles pg 207

You don't mess with Adrian's girl pg 215

Awwhh it's our first visit to Pies and Stuff pg 217

AHGHHH the Sydrian feels make us want to explode pg 222

Sydney's taken Dimitri's don't ever hesitate lesson to a new and different extreme. Pg 229

Sydney's so the group mother, even when she doesn't want to be pg 233

Oh dear Marcus, you are too much pg 235

Jet Steele might need his own fan base pg 241

Seduction tips from Ivashkov = hilarious pg 244

OH. DEAR. LORD! The heat on pg 250 is AH-MAZING!

People who interrupt things are evil! pg 252

It's official Sydney Sage is a badass pg 261

If we can make this set come to life in the trailers, it will EPIC! pg 268

Awwh Micah just can't resist pg 274

Oh boy, we've got a square now pg 276

Visual teaser: Adrian on a picnic blanket pg 281

Hehehe they have a pet pg 286

Ms T you just made a thousand fan-girls future scream pg 289

No, stop talking that way, it's reverse feels pg 293

This for Ivashkov words pg 293

Adrian's beverage choice, oh you are too much pg 297

Add to the release party list: a Monopoly board. pg 299

Sydney's wardrobe gets more and more iconic with each book pg 302

Sydney you saucy minx! pg 306

Families are the worst pg 311

Don't try and break Sydney and her khakis pg 318

Right now, the Mission Impossible theme music is running in our heads pg 324

Reeeeaaaallly! pg 328

Stop pressuring her alright! pg 338

Sydrian fans will freak out, actual on the floor freak outs pg 346

The Bloodlines fans on pg 347

Our reaction to pg 348 You have us on the floor

Wow Sydney is that going to be awkward conversation pg 352

NOOOO Sydney pg 355

No rash decisions Sydney! pg 360

NNNOOOOO!!!!!! pg 361

You shady person, you! pg 368

Adrian Ivashkov is the boss! pg 370

Sydney is becoming an expert fence climber pg 373

You go Ivashkov! pg 378

It's just constant feels pg 380

Damn that is going to look amazing in the trailers pg 385

She's wearing it! pg 386

It amuses us greatly that this person makes cookies pg 391

Listen to the man Sydney pg 392

If you ever were on the fence about Jill Dragomir, shame on you pg 394

Things. Just. Got. Interesting pg 396

*air punching for victory* pg 401


The nicknames in are going to take off like wild fire pg 409

OH. EM. GEE. The....with the...and then the ... pg 413 That's THE END!

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