Non-Spoiler Tweets of "The Fiery Heart" by Richelle Mead

Chapter 1
Don’t start reading The Fiery Heart while drinking/eating. First sentence will cause you to spit-up! Pg 1
Gah, being in your head Adrian is a total swoon-fest! Pg 3
Phone fun times! Pg 6
Everyone’s favorite callistana: Hopper! Pg 8
The relationship between Adrian and Jill = best ever! Pg 11
Well that’s once way to behave Zoe Pg 13
Yeah Zoe, Sydney’s awesome- better recognise Pg 19  
And BOOM! End of Chapter 1 and we’ve got a bombshell already. Pg 20

The Fiery Heart Chapter 1: Non Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 2
Ms T takes Sydney to the best places Pg 21
Sydney Sage speaks the absolute truth. Pg 22
Wonder if that gift is returnable Sydney? Pg 26
The Sage women are all strong and powerful in their own way. Pg 30
Sydney, can we hug you now? Always caught in the middle Pg 32

The Fiery Heart Chapter 2: Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 3

And we’re dream walking - in a place pretty damn special to anyone who read Indigo Spell. pg 34
Ugh Adrian, so spirit burdened. Can we give you a hug too? pg 37
Rowena Clark has said two sentences and we already LOVE her! pg 38
College student Adrian = sexy!  pg 40
Oh no, Adrian - don’t do that. pg 40
We’ve reached the first point in the book where we want to literally reach in and comfort/shake this person. pg 46

EPIC LEVEL Sydrian feels. pg 49

The Fiery Heart Chapter 3: Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 4

No Sydney, don’t cry! Pg 52
Zoe, Sydney is super important, so you know, just back off! Pg 54
Actual visual teaser: Adrian, leaning against a wall, holding two cups of coffee. Pg 57
It’s the truth that Richelle Mead excels at introducing new people who you automatically love or hate. Pg 59
Super resourceful Sydney! And we’re impressed you can do this in a skirt! Pg 63
Food/Drink spit-up warning for pg 65. Sydney Sage we applaud you. Pg 65
Brains can be just as powerful as fists and our girl, Sydney is a shining example of this. Reasons 7,489 why we love her! Pg 70

The Fiery Heart Chapter 4: Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 5

Adrian, you are so dreamy! Especially right now. Pg 73
Sydney just told Adrian something rendered him speechless. Adrian Ivashkov, speechless. Pg 77
Sydney Katherine Sage, well researched women around the world applaud you! Pg 78
Rose needs to call Jill right now. Pg 80
Best non-bromance ever. Double bonus, Adrian teasing. Pg 83
Adrian the matchmaker, is there nothing he won’t do for those he cares about?! Pg 85
Jill Dragomir is basically the biggest Sydrian shipper ever. Pg 87

The Fiery Heart Chapter 5: Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 6

Welcome back you! That tan, certainly looks nice. Pg 91
It’s totally possible because Sydney’s just that awesome. Doubters going to doubt! Pg 91
The most awkward/hilarious first meeting ever! Pg 98
It’s magic time and Sydney is still working it like a boss. Pg 101
Have you ever heard of knocking Zoe!?! Pg 102
She’s trying so hard to chip away and it’s bringing back memories. PG 107

The Fiery Heart Chapter 6: Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 7

Artwork alert, Ivashkov is at the easel again! pg 108
Oooooh phone call from the past pg 109
It’s a drop everything please take a road trip, kinda phone call. pg 111
Adrian gives the most astute examination of the Sydrian relationship pg 114
Awwwwh Adrian and Sydney, you guys are too cute! pg 116
Hello Rose Hathaway and all those that you bring with you. pg 117
This conversation between these two is killing us! And that’s all we can say. pg 119
Hey you, don’t believe this about them, it’s different now. pg 121
Adrian Ivashkov, you are going to kick some ass and we’re right behind you! pg 124

The Fiery Heart Chapter 7 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 8

We’re as amused as Ms T about Angeline’s conversation with Sydney. pg 127
Trey and Angeline conversation with Sydney listening - hilarious! pg 130
Sydney has just so many people to juggle and secrets to keep. pg 132
Awwh Sydney, such a rule abiding citizen. No texting and driving - Sydney Sage says so. pg 134
We see what you did there Richelle Mead with Sydney and Clarence’s quick conversation. A VERY meta Bloodlines moment. pg 136
Sydney, you’re not alone in your jaw dropping shock. Wow that this is happening. pg 139

The Fiery Heart Chapter 8 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 9

Adrian’s taking charge and it’s pretty impressive (and yes, very sexy!) pg 142
Adrian’s got a new admirer, we think. Especially after this display. pg 145
Oh Rose, nice try but it ain’t going to happen. pg 151
HOT DAMN Sydney Sage, that is some steamy right there! pg 152
Adrian, noooooo - it’s all going to be okay pg 156
DON’T DO THIS Adrian, seriously. pg 162

The Fiery Heart Chapter 9 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 10

Hehehehehe Jill scaring Zoe pg 164
Nooooooo Adrian! And this is the first time we cried in - spoiler it’s not the last. pg 170
Why does everything have to be so HARD!?! pg 173
Sydney is totally owning this book. Her determination and belief in others is legit awesome. pg177

The Fiery Heart Chapter 10 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 11

Listen to Jill, Adrian. She speaks the truth. pg 180
The Sisters Sage really do like their automobiles. pg 183
Adrian, we’re proud of you. So very proud of you. pg 186
Really and truly, people who dismiss VA/Bloodlines as just teen vampires are missing out. Important life stuff here. pg 191

The Fiery Heart Chapter 11 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 12

Oooohhh, this person’s return can not be good pg 192
Jill and Angeline, there is no need to fight about it. pg 195
Damn, that’s a steamy Sydrian moment right there! Visual teaser: same couch and sitting position as the Indigo Spell blackout. pg 198
You can’t even stand to greet people - damn that’s cold. pg 202
You DID NOT JUST SAY THAT! Sydney fangirls will burn you to the ground for that comment. pg 204
Uggghhh, Zoe! You are not doing yourself any favours here. pg 207
That is a sad dark place to be, for this character. pg 211
Oh Trey, you gotta make a decision dude! pg 216

The Fiery Heart Chapter 12 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 13

We love that Adrian gets to call Ms T, Jackie. It’s just a nice little touch that makes us smile. pg 220
Well this is an interesting development for Adrian and we’re so torn about how we feel. pg 223
HA! Both Adrian and Trey’s reactions are hilarious here. pg 227
There is a repeating idea throughout the book that’s funny, sad, sweet and wistful. Awwhhh. pg 235
This phone conversation has just launched Road Trip 2: The Further Away, More Exciting Sequel. pg 239
And BOOM! Major bombshell moment that will alter quite a few things. pg 241

The Fiery Heart Chapter 13 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 14

Giggles at Zoe’s completely unfounded fears. pg 242
Who knew airline travel could be so full of steamy longing glances!?! pg 245
Sydney just described our non-spoiler tweets and also a current scene. ‘It was agonizing…and exquisite. pg 247
A roomful of people and there are some definite VA favs here. Hooray! pg 250
AWH YEAH! This person can’t resist a spectacular entrance. pg 253
OH DEAR LORD! Pg 260 - 261 is just…sooooo……damn…….hot!!! Read this sitting down, you will fall over.

The Fiery Heart Chapter 14 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 15

All of Adrian's thoughts on pg 262 are glorious!
Awwh, it's just beautiful #SydrianFeels pg 264
Adrian, that is possibly the best plan you've ever come up with. pg 266
It's the past in the present and it ain't pretty. Sigh! pg 269
No, no, no, no, no, no - Rose stop talking! pg 274
Honesty is great but why does it have to hurt so bad?! pg 275

The  Fiery Heart Chapter 15 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 16

It hurts so bad, the pain. People make mistakes! pg 277
This man just has unlimited resources - we'd put him on our speed dial. pg 282
So wise! And also worryingly foreshadowing. pg 286
Major reveal - BOOM! That should show a few people. pg 289
OH HELL NO! You get your hands off her, SCUM! pg 293
AWWWH YAY! Team Sydrian double team. pg 295
Forgiveness is everything. Then a big YESSSSSSS and then a bigger NOOOOOOO!!! pg 298

The Fiery Heart Chapter 16 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 17

We never thought we'd say this, but ignore the Queen, Adrian - IGNORE HER! pg 300
In the span of two pages, fans will reach the height of elation and then be raging against everyone! pg 300-302
Oh thank God, that could have been much worse. Phew pg 303
Sydney Sage, you are super resourceful and practical and we LOVE IT! pg 305
It's almost too much. The SydrianFeels are EPIC! pg 310
Chapter 17 is EVERYTHING and we feel no pain pg 314

The Fiery Heart Chapter 17 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 18

Best road trip ever had to end at some point pg 316
See Zoe, it's not that hard to move past your issues pg 319
Never let it be said that Sydney's academic efforts aren't important - this girl knows that study helps! pg 321
Trey, we'd be a bit nervous too pg 323
Sydney Sage you are so SMART! And people appreciate this pg 326
It's just...we can''s genius. The best gift ever. pg 329
Awwwwh Eddie no, the memories. The Mason tinged memories. *sniffle* pg 332
This is a good plan and it's got some good ideas, but seriously when @RichelleMead's world do plans ever go smoothly. pg 334

The Fiery Heart Chapter 18 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 19

True story: Rowena continues to be awesome. pg 337
Pretty perceptive Angeline! pg 343
You guys, Sydney's just like us! Midnight mayhem pg 346! The steam factor has broken the charts, just flat out smashed it. pg 350
It's heartbreakingly beautiful and we almost can't take it. Almost pg 352

The Fiery Heart Chapter 19 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 20

We hope it's enough too, Sydney pg 353
It is selfish Sydney, but we understand why pg 354
Can Eddie give us his best steely gaze as well? pg 357
Ugghhhh seriously - give her a break! She's trying to make it work pg 358
Oh that's not good. If someone finds that...oh dear! pg 361
Eddie Castile remains one mega badass! pg 364
Boom! More people are joining Team Badass. This is INTENSE pg 367
Jill taking charge! We love you! pg 368
The last line of this chapter may just leave you smiling for DAYS! pg 372

The Fiery Heart Chapter 20 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 21

That's a big step to be even thinking about Adrian. pg 375
It's our dream come true as well Adrian! pg 379
You stay strong Ivashkov, Sydney and fan girls everywhere believe in you pg 380
Oh wow! That's a call back to VA days for sure. And it's IMPORTANT pg 381
This conversation will send a very specific non-canon group of fan girls CRAZY pg 382
Major decision looming - this could change everything pg 385
We're really nervous now, it's tense times! pg 388
Eddie....what....NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! pg 390

The Fiery Heart Chapter 21 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 22

Trey we'd always knew you'd figure it out pg 393
This is not right, Sydney, it's not right! pg 396
Eddie is just the best guy ever: compassionate, caring and willing to go the extra mile pg 399
YOU!!! We can't believe you'd do this!!!! pg 403
And you too! You better shut your mouth! pg 407
You've never EVER wanted to stand more and applaud what this person just says - even in their darkest hour! pg 409

The Fiery Heart Chapter 22 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 23

WHAT?! That fast - that's ice cold! pg 411
No, Adrian, that's NOT TRUE! pg 413
We don't know you and we automatically hate you. pg 417
Our heart just HURTS! pg 423
We hate this plan! ADRIAN NOOOOOO!!!!!! We are broken pg 426

The Fiery Heart Chapter 23 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

Chapter 24

This is WAY worse than we thought. It's just all bad. pg 428
Exactly!! We don't need ANYTHING from you. pg 429
Here of all's too much! Sydney we can't even. pg 431
THE PAIN! That ending, is truly going to leave people literally on the FLOOR! @RichelleMead you're a genius! pg 433

The Fiery Heart Chapter 24 Non-Spoiler Recap in GIFS

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