Blog Tour {Reviews, Teasers, Interviews} -- A Taste of Turkish Delight (Wee Bookie of Nookie #3) by Samantha Fontien

The year is 2001, and we find Rubin Miller and his Best
Friend, Duncan Peters (Dragonflies Trilogy) in Turkey, dealing with a very troublesome client...
Rubin’s beautiful ‘Mediterranean Goddess’…
Will he have his taste of Turkish Delight?
… Or will she prove to be more than a mouthful, even for our dashing Scottish rogue?
A Taste
Turkish Delight

*This book contains Mature Content and is intended for readers 18+*

My Review of
A Taste of Turkish Delight

Was "A Taste of Turkish Delight" like the two previous shorts in the "Wee Bookie of Nookie" series? No. Not at all. Was it so much better? Absolutely! And, considering how much I enjoyed the previous installments, that says a lot about this one!

This one could be a whole stand-alone story with lots of events taking place and even some agony for the two heroes to be together, almost all the time! It was almost quite bigger in amount of pages compared to the previous installments.

Rubin, well, by now we know Rubin and his taste in women. All women do something for him. But LeiZa... LeiZa is the daughter of a very important client, Mr. Z., and is a very naughty and sneaky young lady! She is a seductress, and as everyone calls her, a goddess, too.

So, imagine the chemistry between Rubin and LeiZa when they meet. I could almost feel their chemistry off of the story's pages.

But, Rubin gives a promise to Duncan to be professional and decide to wait until the end of the assignment before he can make the Goddess his.

But, he didn't count in LeiZa's naughtiness and how hard she is going to make it to her. As we already said, she is a seductress. And used to getting what she wants. And what she wants these days? Rubin Miller.

Will he be able to resist her long enough for his assignment to end? Will he keep his promise to Duncan? Reading this short? You can never be sure about anything.

Another 5 stars for yet another 
amazing story by Samantha Fontien!

What made you start writing the Wee Bookie's of Nookies? 

-         I was asked by the wonderful girls at Hooked on Books to do a short piece on a ‘date with one of my characters… Of course, Rubin Miller came to mind instantly and Wee Bookie of Nookie was born, so you can thank you lovely girls from HoB for that.

Is Rubin a real person? If so can I have his number

-         Yes, he is… And being the tart he is, I will ask him about the telephone number too for you hahahahaha

How many Wee Bookies will there be? 

-         I have ‘Back in Blackwell’ to come by March 2016, and if the readers want more Rubin Miller, I will gladly oblige.

Are any of the women in Rubin's life based on anyone real? 

-         Yes!!

You’re a blonde, is the Goddess based on you? 

-         Hahahaha Nooooo, Lol I already had him in ‘A Dip in the Fontien’.
 But Yes, the Blonde IS based on someone. And No, I will not reveal her name lol ;) 

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Wee Bookie of Nookie' - A Dip in the Fontien: 'Wee Bookie of Nookie'. (DRAGONFLIES Shorts Book 1)

From A to B (Wee Bookie Of Nookie Book 2) 

We take a look at Rubin Miller's infamous 'Wee Bookie of Nookie' 
1995 was the year that Rubin Miller (DRAGONFLIES - The Duncan Peters Files.) meets Samantha Fontien, Author of the DRAGONFLIES Series and 'How to catch Butterflies'. 

That night, Rubin left a lasting impression on Ms. Fontien... One she would write about... Well four dirty chapters at least... 

WARNING !! This work contains EXPLICIT SEX SCENES and is recommended for readers 18+

My Review of
A Dip in the Fontien

While reading this short story I must say I was very curious, seeing as the heroine was supposed to be the author herself. She was asked by a blogger which of her characters she would like to meet, and if that happened, how the things would go.

And the result? Just perfect!

In this short, Samantha Fontien has finally decided to give a chance to Rubin Miller - the best friend of Duncan Peters from the Dragonflies series - by going on a date with him. And, she is not disappointed. Neither are we.

The pages flow by so quickly they really leave you craving for more.
Everything is steamy, sexy and just plainly hot. Oh, and all that with a humorous twist, too!

The way the heroes flirt with each other, how they tease one another, and, of course, everything that comes after that. And even after that. The story is ending in such a nice way, leaving us hanging in a way, as to when will be the next meeting of the heroes. Because after such a nice night, there will certainly be a continuation.

All in all, 5 stars to this short story, 
because I loved it and I was only left hoping for more of the heroes!

The year is 1982, Rubin Miller (Dragonflies Trilogy) is attending Cambridge University with his Best Friend Duncan Peters (DF Trilogy). 

Here we find our lovable Scottish rogue with his eyes on two friends… 

‘Alegria and Beatrice’. 

Rubin like any eighteen year old, thinks he knows everything – thinking he is a man of the world and tries his luck bedding these two vixens in his normal Miller fashion… 

He charms more than the panties off Alegria and Beatrice, leaving Rubin with an insatiable appetite for ménage à trios along with other things… 

*This book contains Mature Content and is intended for readers 18+*

My Review of
From A to B

This is the second short story by Samantha Fontien, that features Rubin Miller, although this one is set a few years back than the first.

In this installment, 18 year-old Cambridge student Rubin has set his eyes on two young women in a bar. The girls are supposed to be tough and snob cookies that kick away any attempt of flirtation. But Rubin achieves to win them over.

They all go back to his apartment and things end up being quite steamy. The description was, as in the previous short, fabulous, and we actually got an insight to Rubin's past. A few details for the girls were also given, even if they were limited to what the hero had heard around campus.

This story had a few comical elements, too and it was quite a nice touch to getting to know Rubin.

I'm becoming more and more curious about him with everything new I read about him!
I will totally start the series about his best friend.

All in all, 5 stars for another 
Wee Bookie of Nookie short.


Let's talk about writing....
How much research do you do?
-          Lots for anything I don’t already know.

When did you decide to become a writer?
-          January 2013

Why do you write?
-          Hahaha That’s like asking me why I breath hahahaha.

What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?
-          I made a death-bed promise to my Dad, who was the only one I used to let read my stuff. It took me 9 years to actually strike up the nerve to publish.

Do you write full-time or part-time?
-          My full-time job is being a Mum, so I suppose I am lucky enough to say full-time.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
-          Being the nocturnal creature I am (I was born at 23:45) I am defo a night person. So NIGHT TIME for me.

Do you write every day, 5 days a week or as and when?
-          I am lucky enough to write everyday.

Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?
-          No, I write until my eyes start fighting me for sleep hahaha

Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?
-          I used to do long-hand, I have soooooooo many copy books filled with short stories. Now, I have my own laptop and that holds the keys to my kingdom.

Where do your ideas come from?
-          Lots on my own life experiences.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?
-          I always plot/outline/map - However, my characters never really do what they are told.

What is the hardest thing about writing?
-          For me, it’s the blurb. Oh and saying goodbye to the characters.

What is the easiest thing about writing?
-          For me, All of it. Only the blurb is my pain hahaha

How long on average does it take you to write a book?
-          Depends on the length of the book. I personally find, anything over 80k word wise can take up to 4 months and that is including beta’s and editing etc to hitting Publish.

Do you ever get writer’s Block?
-          Nope lol

What are your thoughts on writing a book series.
-          I have written three series so far. I like them.

I'm a Happily Married, MUM of 2 very loved children. Both now teenagers… 
so far (fingers crossed) great ones.

I LOVE Music…
 I should do as I am the daughter of Musicians; I was reared with a Guitar in one hand and a pen in the other.

I'm originally from London and am now living somewhere, in the Irish countryside, with cows (the four legged kind) as neighbours.

I’ve had the big high-flying career and gave it and London. 
up ‘for LOVE’ (yep sucker lol).

I began writing professionally in January 2013 and now I’m releasing my eighth book.
I write fun, naughty, not so hearts and flowers stories.

My all time favorite writing hero is Clive Cussler. I love action and suspense, which probably influences my own writing greatly; hence I’m NOT a hearts and flowers kind of girl.

I love humour and try to use it as often as I can in any situation…
  I think life is too short to NOT try anything new. I’m a fun, loyal person and believe in Karma, 
so I try to treat people how I would like to be treated… after all, it takes much more to be nasty to someone rather than just to be nice…

My books contains Heartache, drama and Mature scenes and are recommended for readers 18+

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