Review:: Dead Til Dawn by Kelli A. Wilkins

Dead Til Dawn by Kelli A. Wilkins
Blurb: Disturbing the dead doesn’t prove you’re brave – it proves you’re stupid. 

After touring Gettysburg battlefield, Jessica, Tim, and Steve decide to sneak out to the Devil’s Den for some late-night fun. Jessica’s friend Kathy objects, and warns them about trespassing where they’re not wanted. 

Undaunted by ghost stories and fueled by his own arrogance, Tim races toward the Devil’s Den. When the group drives through mysterious battlefield fog, they find themselves surrounded by Civil War soldiers looking for a little fun of their own. 

Kathy leaves the others to fend for themselves and flees to Little Round Top. Although she’s rescued by a kindhearted Union solider named Charlie, she refuses to believe that what she’s experiencing is real. As the nighttime battle rages on, Charlie introduces Kathy to other weary soldiers, and she quickly realizes she’s trapped in the land of the dead until dawn. 

Spend a night in the land of the dead in this 8,200-word ghost story set on the Gettysburg battlefield. 

This story was kindly offered to me by the author Kelli A. Wilkins, in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second short story I read, that is written from this author. That's the reason why I knew that I was going to enjoy it so much. The way this writer writes once again proved to be so smooth, with everything being well-described, as well as the appropriate details being given in all the right moments.

The heroine was very likeable, something that was very enhanced and contrasted by the smart placement of a character most of us would dislike. That is also the reason why there could be a very wise lesson to be taught in the end of the story and is therefore stated right at the beginning of the blurb.

The plot was quite enjoyable, and unlike most of what I've read previously! At first, I was a bit skeptical of the concept of ghosts, but in this story everything was described in a way that didn't leave me any negative thoughts by the time I finished the story. Quite the opposite, in fact.

All in all, I award this short story 3.5 stars, 
thinking about giving ghost tales another chance in the near future!

Dead Til Dawn is available for purchase through Amazon right on this link. 
Don't miss it!

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