Book Tour {Review, Teaser & Giveaway} -- The Blood Scion (The Scion Legacy #1) by Nazarea Andrews


I was just a reporter, trying to stay ahead of my student loans. I knew the rules, and I followed them.
I thought I knew how the world worked—humans lived their petty little lives in the safety of the sun. We loved and fought and—when the sun sank—we scurried behind our walls and lived in fear. That is when the monsters came out to play.
And even in the safety of the sun, we knew who ruled us.
The Houses. And their Scions.
Everyone knows the great Houses and their Scions—they are feared and loved and hated and envied. They are the gods who walk the shadows and rule all of our lives. They are salvation and death.
And somehow, I am one of them.


I had previously read the series' prequel novella "The Scionless House" and I extremely enjoyed it! But, I hadn't expected just how much I would love reading the first book in The Scion Legacy series!!!

I actually liked everything on this book! The author's writing style, many of the characters and their personalities, the plot, the switch of the point of view between the protagonists in different parts of the book, which helped me get even more into the story and understand why everyone behaved the way they did!

As for the plot, in "The Scionless House" Octavian get orders from the Head of his House and his maker, Patroclus, to set off and find a young woman. But not just any young woman! Not much is being revealed right from the start, but from the hints that are cleverly placed by the author, we realize that this woman is going to be very important, to both the story and the main hero.

In "The Blood Scion", the protagonists are both Farley and Octavian! Their points of view are both presented, and I have to admit I love them both!

Farley is not your typical damsel in distress, waiting for her guardian to come to her rescue. No, quite on the contrary! She is a strong, brave, young woman, willing to give her own fights and rebel against everything and everyone that goes against her opinion.

Octavian, a hero I had adored while reading the novella, is the strongest assassin among the vampiric population! He is determined to serve his House and his maker, but to the extent where he agrees with the decisions that are made!

Those two characters are not pawns that anyone can use as they will, a fact that I deeply loved about the book!

And don't even get me started about the chemistry between the Raven and the new Scion of the House! Purely amazing!

All in all, 5 stars for a great experience that 
only leaves me wanting for more of the story and characters!

The Scionless House: A Scion Legacy Novella

Twelve Houses. Twelve vampire lines. We ruled from the shadows, and manipulated the world, and when humans came too close to destruction, we intervened.
Every House has a Scion. A fragile, easily broken human that stood shoulder to shoulder with the house Princes and Princesses.
Except for ours. The Ravens, House Cantelie.
We've been without a Scion for almost fifteen years.
But that will change...and her life will be mine to protect.



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