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I’m Eden MacLaird, and Fate screwed me good at the age of twenty-one, stole my first love, then my first child. Twenty years later, I still haven't found my happily-ever-after. Sure, from the outside, I have it all, including Declan, my gorgeous, rich-as-sin husband. But things aren't what they seem, and catching Declan in bed with my best friend destroys any dreams I harbor for love, much less sexual fulfillment. Then in walks Sean Bennett... Just months away from earning his post-graduate law degree, Sean's smart, driven, and serious, but an unexpected encounter between us in a bar one night changes everything. His best friend, Trinitee, warns against getting too involved, but the heat between us is beyond intense, and neither of us are willing to walk away. With my marriage in shambles, I'm eager to make a go of it with Sean, despite our sixteen-year age difference. But while I relish my sexual reawakening, I fear giving up the posh life I've grown accustomed to. That life, however, and everything in it, comes crashing down as bodies start piling up around us, and all clues point to me and Sean. Secrets, betrayal, and revenge threaten to destroy not just my carefully-crafted reputation, but my very life. With our freedom at stake, Sean and I join forces to uncover those plotting against us. But as doubt and evidence mount, I must choose: give in to my suspicions and save myself, or trust our new-found love and save us both.

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Dream Cast

Eden MacLaird Ross, 41, is the owner-director of Maydenbauer Academy Montessori School in Medina, WA, on the eastern shore of Lake Washington, directly across from Seattle. She's also a newly-minted bestselling author of dark erotica. Eden and her husband of twenty years, Declan, have a seventeen-year-old son, Ian.

I chose glamorous movie-star Kate Beckinsale (Underworld, Pearl Harbor) to play Eden because...damn, look at her! She's the hottest 42 year-old I've ever seen!  And Eden has to be hot to attract the young, but oh-so-serious Sean Bennett.

Sean Daniel Bennett, 24, is a whip-smart, third-year grad student at the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle. He competes competitively in triathlons, biking, swimming, and running his way to the most amazing body imaginable. His greatest weakness is green-eyed redheads, so when he sees Eden being harassed by a drunk hipster in an upscale Seattle bar, he gladly comes to her rescue. 

I zeroed in on Sean Faris (SupernaturalPretty Little Liars) to play sexy Sean Bennett. Sure, Faris is older, but that baby-face belies his thirty-three years, and he can easily pass for the young law student. His dark hair and eyes fit the bill perfectly, and his lean and muscular body is to die for! 

Declan Ross, 42, is Eden's controlling husband. Gorgeous, yes, and, as a hedge fund manager, he's rich-as-sin to boot, but when Eden catches him having sex with her best friend, Aurelia, he proves himself a cheater, as well.

I think Michael Fassbender (Twelve Years a Slave, Steve Jobs) makes a perfect Declan. He's hot and classy, but there's a hard glint in his eye that fits well with Declan's cocky, self-obsessed air.
Eden's been best friends with Aurelia Wylde, 41, since high school. They attended the UW together, too. Aurelia, or Reely as she's often called, is tall, thin, and blonde, so Cameron Diaz wasn't a stretch at all.

Sean's best friend is Trinitee Marsh, only 20 years old. Tall and thin, with eyes that simmer somewhere between lavender and a hard steel-grey, she's not only beautiful, she's the most intelligent person Sean's ever met, ranking top of their class, two spots above Sean. Trin's so smart, she graduated high school at 16, college at 18, and will finish law school at 21. 

I wanted a relative unknown for Trinitee, so I picked Australian actress Ashleigh Brewer (The Bold and the Beautiful.I adore her stunning eyes.

Ian Ross, 17, is Eden and Declan's only child. A high school senior, he's cramming for the SAT and touring colleges with his girlfriend, Gracie. I chose twenty-year-old, fresh-faced actor Jake T. Austin (The Wizards of Waverly Place, The Fosters) for Ian. 

Seattle PD Detective Matt Reed, lead investigator on a double murder both Eden and Sean are connected to, has the look of Anderson Cooper, so I chose Cooper's doppelganger, the "Walter Cronkite of  Latin America," journalist and Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos, because he has the look, and he's sharp, just like Reed.  

Reed's colleague, Lieutenant Sienna Monroe, is beautiful and bright, but also jaded and a little caustic, so I chose actress Olivia Wilde, because the character she played on the Fox TV show House was very similar. 

I think my cast fits well, and they're all pretty damn hot, too.  What do you think?

Nancy S. Thompson Bio:

Nancy is a California transplant currently living in Seattle, Washington with her husband of 23 years, their son, a student at Seattle University, their giant snow dog, Jack, and his kitty, Skye. She works as a freelance editor for her publisher and writer friends and also has her own interior design business within the model home merchandising industry. When she's not writing or editing, Nancy keeps herself busy by cooking and baking.

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