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About the Book

Title: Island Experience
Author: Simone Freier
Genre: Erotic Romance

Beyond 50 Shades … Way Beyond!

ISLAND EXPERIENCE is an intimate exploration of kinks and fetishes by an unlikely couple, with thoughtful and philosophical discussion by the characters, and graphic descriptions of their erotic adventures.

Sam takes Kelly and her friends on a trip to a tropical island, where they not only work on their suntan, but also get tanned a few times as part of their spanking play. The friends are even more adventurous and engage in some wild times together in the beautiful island environment. Sam takes them to some places that aren’t on the usual tourist route, continuing to challenge them – and they return the ‘favor’, providing challenges for Sam, as well. The group is loving and loved, as they are now comfortable with each other in ways that most people have never experienced. What will be next for Sam, Kelly and her friends?
The Experiences series is an epic love story of erotic relationships and sexual desires. Written in a 'literary realism' style, the series introduces Sam in the prequel, and the blossoming of his intimate relationship with Kelly as the series progresses. Fantasies and real-world adventures coalesce to mold a unique bond between unlikely lovers. Where needs are mutually satisfied in an open, creative and trusting environment. Where physical and mental boundaries are pushed. Where the concepts of love and sex are never confused, but sometimes confusing. Where openness is required and intimacy is expected. And where fair-is-fair, regarding the punishment of transgressions.

Contemporary erotic romance: Suitable for mature readers, aged 18+ years.

Experiences: Book 7 is 139,000 words, 21 chapters, 466 print pages

Acclaim for Simone Freier and the Experiences Series:
“ Fun, intense, sexually erotic”
“ One of my favorite series in recent memory”
“ Simone Freier is a sexually charged and inspired writer”
“One of my favorite series in recent memory”
“Simone Freier is a sexually charged and inspired writer”
“ It is quite a tale and a very good read that explores an intimate topic”
“The reader’s senses are thoroughly engaged”
“ The writing is well-done, engaging, and erotic”
“ The characters are rich & believable, while the eroticism is thick & lush”
“ Freier writes some incredibly powerful scenes”
“ I have enjoyed this whole series and don’t want it to end”
“ Freier holds poignant insight into the complexities of interpersonal communications and behavior”
“ The desire crawls out of the pages and into my mind”
“ The writing style is relaxed, even playful, and always fresh”
“ Steams up the pages - very sensual and erotic”
“ Simone Freier entertains her readers with a story of love, trust, respect and exploration”
“ Unexpectedly thoughtful and intensely passionate”
“ Simone Freier has an intoxicating way with words”
“Definitely a five-star series!”

This work contains mature content, including graphic sexual descriptions and scenes, and is provided for adults only. The Experiences series contains scenes of psychological and physical submission, discipline, and medical fetish. The characters explore various fetishes, which evolve throughout the series. ALL CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK ARE 21 YEARS OLD OR OLDER, and all activities are consensual.


Sam was lying there, snoring softly, obviously still asleep.  My body propelled itself into a sitting position, and I looked down at my feet.  My toes were sticking out of the bottom of the unzipped sleeping bag … and a huge bird was pecking at them!

I couldn’t help but yelp.  There was another bird pecking at Linda’s toes … or maybe they were Kathy’s.  I pulled my feet under the sleeping bag, and tried to shoo the bird with my hands.

A moment later, Linda groaned, then lifted her head, and looked toward her feet.  Instantaneously, she was on her feet, stamping on the sleeping bag, then taking a few steps toward the bird, until it finally waddled over to my side of the bed.

Linda looked at me with an incredulous look, her mouth open, and I nodded and smiled.  Sam opened his eyes, “What?”  I hadn’t said anything.

I leaned over and kissed him, then said, “We have visitors.”  Now, Sam’s head popped up, and he saw the birds; he began laughing, and within a minute both Julie and Kathy were awake.
Sam said, “Nene’s, Hawaiian geese.  They’re usually pretty friendly.

I shook my head, “Yeah, really friendly – they were chewing on my toes.”

Sam was still laughing.  “I’m sure they didn’t eat much.  Should I kiss your toes to make them better?”

Julie and Kathy sat up in time to see the two birds take a few steps down the beach, and take off.  In the air, they were beautiful.  But it was still a rude way to be awakened.

Sam suggested that we take a couple of hours to get cleaned up and pack everything for the boat extraction this afternoon.  Then, we would begin our next adventure.

It was already 10AM when we had the tent and tarp taken down, all the packs packed and put on the sheet with the tarp over them, and our fanny packs put into a garbage bag and then into one of the coolers.

Sam had decided that we should spend the day at Honopu, so we brought all the cold drinks we wanted, a bunch of snacks, a few clothing items, and our shoes, packing everything in the cooler.

I grabbed the handle on one side, and Julie on the other, and soon we were all heading down the beach.  When we got to the end of the sand, Sam pointed, and we put down the cooler.  Sam sat on it, his back to the water, and facing a bunch of large rocks.  The rocks and beach were still in shade, as the sun hadn’t yet risen from behind the mountains.  We all sat down, and awaited Sam’s instructions.

Sam looked at the small inlet, circled by rocks, just a ten-foot beach from which we could safely swim.  Although it seemed calm looking out to sea, the inlet was choppy, from one side to the other.

“I hope today will be special, for all of us.  The beach is very special – the only way to get there is to swim, either from here, or from a boat.”  He pointed to the inlet.

“The valley is a spiritual place; it’s called the ‘Valley of the Lost Tribe,’ because until about 150 years ago, there were people living here – perhaps the menehunes, little people, who came to Kauai from Polynesia.”

Sam continued, “Because it’s spiritual, the local chiefs were buried in caves in the mountains, and there are temples and burial grounds in the valley.”  He smiled, “Also, Honopu Beach has been used in a lot of movies – the 1970’s King Kong, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, among them.”

Rubbing his eyes, Sam looked down, “A long time ago, Sarah and I came here as part of a helicopter tour organized by Club Med, which was located above the Hanalei River, in the old plantation house from the movie South Pacific.  I’ll tell you that story another time … but Honopu will always be special to me.”

About The Author

An adventuress and traveler, Simone is a sensual being who loves to read stories that excite her.  She takes exception to authors who promote their works as ‘dirty’, ‘filthy’, or ‘smutty’:  She believes that sex is wonderful in all of its incarnations, and doesn’t shy away from graphic descriptions of realistic sexual experiences, no matter how messy.  Her writing is mainly in the ‘literary realism’ style – i.e., it is wild (even outrageous) … but could really happen to you!  She values openness in relationships, and demonstrates this through her characters.
Prior to becoming an author, Simone was a nurse.  One of her pet peeves is reading erotica that gets simple anatomy wrong!  She is continually bewildered by women who haven’t explored their own bodies.  Another pet peeve is the mostly hung-up Victorian society prevalent in the U.S. and U.K., and she tries to do her part to change that by introducing people to new sexual and sensual experiences through her erotic writing.  The activities in Simone’s books are quite realistic, as she has participated in most of these in ‘real life’, as surreal as it may seem. 
Simone is currently completing the Experiences series, which will run an estimated 1,000,000 words!  That is why she refers to it as an ‘epic’ romance, although each volume is intended to stand on its own, with a ‘happy for now’ ending.  Experiences combines literary style and philosophical discussion by the characters with graphic portrayal of sex in all of its kinks and fetishes.  You may not like all of the things Simone’s characters do … but neither do they.  Their exploration of new experiences will hopefully motivate some readers to explore their own sexuality to a greater extent.
Simone loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to contact her.   In fact, she hopes you will feel ‘free’ sexually and spiritually, as well.  Please follow her on social media and her blog.  On her website, you may interact directly with the main characters in her books, including asking them questions in order to understand their perspectives in more depth.

You can sign up to her mailing list to learn about new releases, and take advantage of promotions.  All readers on the mailing list will be sent an excerpt from each of her next novels, prior to publication.
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