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A Lost Legacy: Awakening
Release Date: 07/09/15
204 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Finn Adams thought she knew what her life had in store for her; a mundane existence of day to day life. After meeting Eamon her whole world is flipped upside down. When her mother goes missing, Finn soon discovers that she is a witch and she is being hunted for her power. Ripped from the only life she's ever known, Finn is transported across the country to Broadhaven, Maine to discover the secrets she never knew about herself, her heritage, and the tremendous power she's kept hidden for so long.

Her loyalties are tested when she learns of her true parentage and discovers she is part of a prophecy, destined to awaken an ancient power that has been lost for centuries . As she struggles to learn from her mother's past, she is faced with the ultimate struggle of good and evil, family or friends. She must learn who she can trust and find the power within herself to stop the prophecy from coming true. 

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Awakening Playlist

1) Icarus – Bastille 
2) Sail Away - Stray Dogg
3) Our Song - Matchbox Twenty
4) Kings and Queens - Thirty Seconds to Mars
5) Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace
6) Never Say Never - The Fray
7) My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark - Fall Out Boy
8) Love Runs Out – OneRepublic
9) Longest Night - Howie Day
10) Closer To The Edge - Thirty Seconds to Mars
11) If You Could See Me Now - The Script
12) Get Home – Bastille
13) How To Save a Life - The Fray
14) Bad Blood – Bastille

15) Heartless - The Fray Cover


“There is someone out there, watching us screw up and waiting for the day we come face to face and explain ourselves.” – Declan Cavanaugh (Awakening)
“Considering the past few weeks, I have to say book reality is looking better and better.”  Eamon O’Neill (Awakening)
“Remember that even the darkest of minds can be overcome with compassion.” – Miriam O’Neill (Awakening)
“Fine, but not because I don’t have friends, but because you’re clearly desperate for some.” – Finn Adams (Awakening)

About the Author:
I am an Irish-Canadian Young Adult author who was born in Winnipeg, Canada (yes, it really does exist). I love my city and love even more that it's become Hollywood's running joke (Don't believe me? Just check out Youtube).

I have always been a writer, from poems in my Grade 6 diary (Ode to Hobbits), to short stories in the back of my math's book. I have always loved to create stories and find myself constantly creating new characters.

I am a dedicated Fangirl of many proportions and I have a knack for getting expressions all wrong and saying incredibly stupid, but often hilarious things (My graduation gift from my friends was a book of my own quotes).

I am a proud alumna of St. Mary’s Academy, an all-girls Catholic prep school and I studied Theatre and Film at the University of Winnipeg. Currently, I am still hanging out in Winnipeg.

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  1. This book sounds interesting. I think the book of quotes you were given is a great idea - my partner's sister has many classic moments where she says or does something and it is obvious she did not engage her brain. It is almost a tradition for her to entertain us with them at family events. She would love a book of her greater moments.