Book Tour {Review} -- Hark---A Christmas Collection by Justin Bog

Hark---A Christmas Collection . . .
By Justin Bog
Genre: Fiction, Short Stories

Book Description:
A beautifully written collection of short stories from critically acclaimed Pacific Northwest writer Justin Bog, Hark explores the range of emotions surrounding the holidays. From melancholy to madness, loss and despair to hope and forgiveness, these six tales shimmer with feelings, some we'd rather stuff away, that Christmas can evoke.
Set in colorful locations around the United States, from Anacortes, Washington, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Sun Valley, Idaho, each tale focuses on people who struggle to make good choices, learn lessons, and maybe even find peace during the holiday season.
A bonus story, Poseidon Eyes, from Booktrope's upcoming reissue of Sandcastle and Other Stories---The Complete Edition, is included.

My Review:

This is an unusual Christmas collection of short stories! The author successfully showed another side of the Christmas season, narrating the stories of some people that don't particularly feel the hype the of this time of year!

More specifically, Hark tells the story of a former police officer who is now confined to a wheel chair after an incident in the line of duty. He tends to be thinking about all the dreams he had before he became handicapped and is melancholic during Christmas time. But his wife, Colleen, and the bond they have formed has significantly helped him become more peaceful and think less of the accident and more about this joyful time of year!

In Seducing Santa,  Laura has been fantasizing about Santa ever since she can remember herself and never gets too close with anyone for more than one night. The strongest example is Elton, a man ten years older than her, with a white beard, and a plump belly, whom when she meets she can't help but feel an instant attraction, but not for more than one night...

Bracelet tells the story of Callie, a widowed teacher who is about to lose her job, and to top all of her sadness she has lost her sister's present, the bracelet. She starts her quest of finding the very important bracelet, and in the end finds it in one of the most important places!

In Everyone Wants Me To, Arlene flies back home with her mother, a fact she deeply dislikes, as she prefers living with her grandmother! This short novel narrates the current story of Arlene and her parents, Marion and Barry, as well as the background ones of the parents! An interesting combination of a number of events and stories!

Snow Globe narrates the story of a gay community and the struggles they go through, as not everyone is as accepting! But, will this year's Christmas time prove to be different?

In The Heralds, Ken has been starting feeling ill, and knowing he suffers from a disease in his esophagus, he visits his doctor, without telling his wife Carmel! But even if his disease is getting worse he is determined to live his life to the fullest and nothing is going to stop him from dressing up with his wife as Mr. Claus and Mrs. Claus this year!

In the end of the book, a bonus content, Poseidon Eyes, was included. In this short story, Melanie loves the water so much, she prefers living her life into the sea, apart from everyone else. When she was a little girl she had a run-in with a strange man, resulting in her getting Pseidon Eyes, which meant her eye sight changed, making her see everyone as different kinds of fish! After years of unsuccessful psychotherapy, her almost drowning made her see human beings as they really are. But, what about the strange man who reappears to wish her happy birthday?

This anthology proved to be a quite unique read, giving us a different glimpse of Christmas through the eyes of various people that face different problems and find hope in the things that are most important to them!

All in all, 4 stars for this unique chance to read 
about a different side of Christmas time!

Author Bio:
Justin Bog lives in the Pacific Northwest on Fidalgo Island. Justin Bog was Pop Culture Correspondent and Editor for In Classic Style. He enjoys cooking, lawn mowing not so much, and spends time walking and handing out treats to two long coat German shepherds, Zippy and Kipling, and two barn cats, Ajax The Gray and Eartha Kitt’n.

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