Review - Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer

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I have to admit, that, at first, I was quite hesitant about this book.
I was seeing it around, but something seemed a little off for me, considering it was also a retelling of one of my favorite childhood stories, Cinderella.

So, when I won the audiobooks of the series in a giveaway, I decided to give a chance to both the book, and the audiobook, as it would be my first.

And, soon I came to realise, I couldn't be more wrong about my previous hesitations!

I have to admit, that, it being the first audiobook I ever listened to, plus, a sci-fi book with cyborgs and mechanical stuff I'm not used to reading (or listening) about, it needed some getting used to.

But, after the first couple chapters, I was totally hooked!

One of the things I loved about this book was that the action kicked in right from the first chapter, while the basis for the heroine's relationship with the Prince, also eased us into the book.

What I also loved about it, though, is the fact that it wasn't the typical retelling, where everyone lived happily ever after. No, on the contrary, we were left in such a huge cliffhanger, that I couldn't help but start listening to the audiobook of the sequel right away!

While listening to the first few chapters, I thought that I knew exactly where we were headed with the story! But, thankfully, there were so so many more things that I wasn't expecting and was very gladly surprised to find out! Some of the events were usually sad, but did wonders for the evolution of the story.

Cinder is a teenage cyborg that has no memory of her life as a child.
She lives with her stepmother, who is far than glad to share a house with Cinder, her two stepsisters, with one of whom she is actually friends, contrary to the original fairytale, and her loyal android Iko.

Cinder is a wonderful character that I loved listening about, and the fact that she has to deal with the bitterness of people just because she has a mechanical hand and foot, has made her a strong protagonist that is not afraid to take risks and fight for the people she loves.

Prince Kai, is described as the most handsome bachelor in New Beijing, and his whole demeanor towards Cinder, as well as generally, too, made me have a lot of warm feelings towards him. He is a hero you would like to read about, and I enjoyed a little too much every single scene he shared with Cinder.

I liked the relationship that formed between them out of casual meetings in the Palace's labs, the humor and the slight flirtation that flawed between them.

The cliffhanger at the end of the book didn't just make me wonder about the future ahead of Cinder, but also about that of Kai's, as well as his view of Cinder after the events of the Ball.

But, in a way, I'm really glad we were left on a major cliffhanger and the book didn't just end happily and peacefully, because this way we will be able to follow through Cinder's story a little while longer.
And, I can't even describe my happiness (and anxiousness) about it.

All in all, 4.5 stars for a wonderful read (well, audiobook), 
that really left me wanting for more and looking forward 
to the sequel, more than any book has made me feel in a little while.

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