Review: Desert Moon by Maria Grazia Swan


Blurb From Goodreads:

When her cat hitched a ride without her, she had no choice but to tail the furry creature...

From award winning author Maria Grazia Swan comes a story of suspense, romance, and one mischievous cat... How does a domestic black cat from Southern California become a stowaway and end up in Phoenix Arizona? That’s what Lella York wants to know as she crosses the desert, pedal to the metal, to bring her cat, Flash, back home. But something about a full desert moon bewitches Lella into staying in Arizona longer than she planned and playing house with the sexy Detective Lawrence Devin who is in Arizona as a special witness for an old murder case. The desert is a land of extremes so it’s no surprise that Lella and Larry brave the heat to chase after a cold case. Throw in a hint of Russian mafia, some attractive flight attendants, and a ferret named Lucy, and Lella realizes what a dangerous place the desert can be under a full moon.

My Review:

This was a quite unique book for me, as it started out right in the action.
For quite a while, I felt like I knew nothing about the main heroes, just their names and that Lella and Larry were one thing. It wasn't for too long, but it sure made me wonder about them!
But suddenly, as more and more information was provided, I came to realize that this book was unique, also because the heroes were middle-aged, approximately around their 50s. This is a first for me! But, despite my initial surprise, I quite enjoyed being in the head of a mature woman, who knows what she wants.

And, I have to admit that I liked Larry, too!
I also liked the descriptions of Lella's independent cat, Flash, who seemed to have a mind of her own. And, a very intelligent one, at that!

At some points the story was getting a little slow, where we were following Lella's every move, and were actually seeing Larry in the rare occasions he was home.
But, soon, things became more and more complicated, with more and more people joining on the mystery.
And, I absolutely enjoyed the added touch of all the people originating from different countries, and not just from the United States.

All in all, 4 stars for a book I enjoyed thoroughly!


  1. thank you so much, would be happy to send you the first 2 books...paperback or ebooks. And again, grazie.

    1. No, thank you for offering me the chance to read and review your book! I enjoyed it so much!

      I would be so glad to receive the first 2 books, and I would certainly enjoy a paperback version! But, seeing as ebook versions are much easier to send, I would also be very glad to receive them in that format, too! :)

      Thank you so so much in advance!!