Review: Lady of the Bridge by Laura Kitchell

Lady of the Bridge


Goodreads Blurb:

Saiko, warrior princess under Japan’s first ruling shogun, is tasked with entering the dethroned emperor’s household as a consort. It is her duty. It brings honor to her family. This alliance between the old regime and the new can end rebellious uprisings that keep Japan in upheaval.

Takamori is an elite samurai in service to the first shogun. He is war-weary but loyal in his service under the man who ended the civil wars that threatened to destroy Japan. With no major battles to fight, he faces a peacetime that has all samurai questioning their role and their future.

When Saiko and Takamori meet on a garden bridge, both seeking answers and calm, they stir unexpected desires and create more questions than answers. Each day they meet and each day they fall deeper in love. Duty and honor, however, dictate that Saiko must belong to the emperor, and as her father’s marshal, Takamori must deliver her.

A ronin attack forces them to fight for her life. They race across Japan with armies on the chase and two questions left unanswered. Who organized and directs the ronin army? And how much time do they have together?

In a world where duty is everything, how will she choose between family honor and her heart’s desire?

My Review: 

I usually love everything that is related to Japan.
This book was no exception!

Saiko is a strong, independent young woman, who wants to serve her father's wishes, even if it means becoming the consort of a man she wants to have nothing to do with.

Takamori is a brave elite samurai, also serving Saiko's father, entitled to deliver her to her new home.

But, before the assignment is set to begin, the two unexpectedly meet on their favorite garden bridge!
An attack forces them to fight alongside each other, in order to save Saiko's life!

And, their lives are bound to be changed forever!

I loved the way the story was narrated by the author, especially that it was from both of the heroes' points of view.

I also liked Saiko very much!
Even though she wanted nothing more than to serve faithfully her father, she couldn't also ignore her own will and her heart's desires. She was strong and independent, despite the fact that she was asked not to. She wanted to dress the way she wanted and ride horses just like the samurai.

Takamori was a brave samurai, strong and a prominent figure! He also wanted to be faithful and loyal to his duties. But sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. I liked him very much and though of him as a very prominent male figure, very well-built and swoon-worthy.

All in all, 4 stars for an amazing historical read, 
that made me picture what Japan must have been like, 
back in the times that the samurai were the brave warriors of the royal families.

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