RELEASE & REVIEW: Army Of Fire by Jennifer L. Kelly

Title: Army Of Fire

Part of Series: The Elementals (#1)

Author: Kelly, Jennifer L.

Format: E-book

Edition: English

Publication: 25th October, 2016

Pages: 324

Description: According to the Legend of the Impossible Girl, the Five Elemental Stones must be obtained from the Elemental Abyss. Newly initiated into Fire, Ka must retrieve the Fire stone from the Land of Fire and upon her return single-handedly defeat the Army of Fire in order to save her friends.

* An e-book version of this book
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My Review:

You are all possibilities and yet you are impossible.
You are the Impossible Girl"

This book was a quite fast and thoroughly enjoyable read.
In fact, I loved the originality of the plot and the easy flowing of the writing so much, that I immediately categorized it as one of my favorite books!
But, first things first, with more details!

The plot, as I already pointed out, was just brilliant!!
Everything is explained shortly and very effectively right from the Prologue.
The Sun's explosion forced 3.000 people move from Earth to Xon 9, a planet where five elements are effective. So effective, in fact, that after 800 years of inhabiting this planet, people have resided to holding a ceremony, the Pronouncement, where 18-years-old decide which element, Metal, Wood, Earth, Fire or Water, will affect them for the rest of their lives.

This is, understandably, a really major decision. The wrong choice may have some very negative effects on the person.

That's why, the protagonist, Ka, a passionate, stubborn, yet indecisive and a little insecure girl, despite her immense capabilities, finds it so hard to decide in which element she will be pronounced.

Yet, despite the recommendation she gets on her Pronouncement day, she goes with Fire.
A fact that only leads to warnings by everyone around her, even from the people that this is most unexpected from.

But, Ka is a really extraordinary and unique girl.
She isn't suitable, nor unsuitable for Fire.

And, she must find out why, and what that means for her, her future, and the future of every colonist of Xon 9.

The action just got more and more after that point, and I loved the way everything turned out.

The style of writing and the whole way the story was unfold to the reader, captivated me right from the beginning, even from the prologue, and made me fall even deeper in love with the story and its characters.

As for the heroes?

Ka was one of my favorite heroines ever! And, I even loved the fact that she seemed to be so indecisive about the biggest decision of her life. Even if that was a major part of the plot, it still made her feel more real, than most female leads in other books.
Yet, she still managed to be courageous and strong and take the best decisions, at all the right times.
I found myself so anxious of how the story will unfold, and what exactly being the Impossible Girl meant for Ka, the more I read into the book.

And, well, I have to admit that Sloan, despite all the wetness of the situation, he seemed to me as down-right swoon-worthy right from the start. And, I even longed to find out his real name, even more than Ka, if that's even possible!

Many other people played a huge role in how the events would unfold for Ka, and I loved every single one's contribution to the story.

All in all, five HUGE stars to an amazing and 
captivating read that kept me on the edge of my seat, 
and made me anxious for the sequel 
even BEFORE the release of the first book!!

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