My very first rep package from The Blind Date Book Company!



Very recently, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a representative for an amazing new company named, The Blind Date Book Company, which is just that: A Blind Date with a Book!

This company is behind a great idea, in which you are asked to select only 4 words that describe a book (the words are usually quite specific and accurate, and make you aware of the major plot points, so that you can pick a book that will be in accordance with your reading tastes), or, a latest addition to their shop, a genre, and then you are sent a beautifully-wrapped package.
Your wrapped book is also accompanied by a Love Letter, as well as a beverage!
The beverage choices are not limited, either, as you can select from a variety of coffee, tea and chocolate companies!

The company as described by themselves, in their Etsy Shop :

"Never judge a book by its cover" choose a book described with just 4 words or by just the Genre! You never know it could be true love?Our Blind Date books are beautifully wrapped in brown paper & ribbon or other decorative items.
The Book is described using just four words which are printed on the front using a Retro Dymo Embosser label maker. Each book includes a Teapigs teabag or a Lyons coffee bag, we also have Galaxy Hot Chocolate and a variety of Herbal Teas - for that festive twist you can also choose a MULLED WINE TEABAG that you add to red wine. 
Are you stuck in a reading rut? Reading the same thing over and over again? Take a leap of faith and pick a book that sparks your curiosity by the four words. You never know you could end up falling in love!
They also make the perfect gift for that person that loves nothing more than to immerse themselves in a good book. Take the hassle out of choosing the 'right' book and surprise them with this unusual gift idea. Each book comes with a letter explaining the concept.
As their representative, I was asked to choose my own 4 words (a task which was quite difficult as their variety is great, and I loved all the possibilities) before I got sent this amazing package!

Isn't this the most beautiful and adorable package you've ever seen?
Honestly, it put me into the whole Blind Date climate so badly!

Let me give you a brief overview of each of the items I received!

❥ The Love Letter, contained in this adorable little enveloped, sealed with a heart, only for me to open it!
❥ A Lyons No. 3 coffee bag, with detailed instructions on the exact way to brew my coffee, on its back.
❥ My wrapped Book! Which was so gorgeous that I almost *almost* didn't want to unwrap!
As you can see, I picked these four words:


I am a loyal fan of crime fiction, so when I spotted the words "Mystery" and "Secrets", I just couldn't resist picking this combination. I admit that the beautiful wrapping paper might have also swayed me a bit towards this decision. But, I totally swear that I put more emphasis to the words!

I should also note that this particular wrapping was unique to me, too!
There are no duplicate packages, which makes these products even more unique and worthwhile!

Given the fact that each product is unique, I would suggest you go quickly check the available choices if you want to pick one of these beauties for yourself!

You can also offer them as a gift to a loved one, whom you think the particular 4 words you chose, would be a total perfect fit for! You can also send with the book a PERSONALIZED note for the giftee, completely free of charge!

If you want to do some Christmas shopping, too, there are many choices for Christmas wrapping and packages, as well as some Blind Date Gift Boxes!

You can learn more about this awesome initiation on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

You can check the products in their ETSY SHOP!

Also, find them on their social media accounts, on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter!

I would suggest you hurry up to check the products, if you want to get a Blind Date with a Book that will really steal your heart, exactly like mine did!

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  1. So cool! And congrats on being picked as a rep!

    1. Thank you so so much!! <3 It was one of the most unexpected and, at the same time, most wonderful moments!!