RELEASE & REVIEW: Heart Of Power by S. L. Giger

 Title: Heart Of Power

Series: The Siren's Awakening (#1)

Author: Giger, S. L.

Format: eBook provided by the author

Edition: English

Publication: November 10th, 2016

Pages: 223

My Rating: ✿✿✿✿

My Review:

Serena was a normal girl! Until a fateful, terrible accident happened on her school trip.
She would die, if she hadn't been saved by three Sirens.
Yes, you read that right, Sirens.

This book is very original and unique, in the sense that offers us a new, fresh and modern glance at what is would be like for a Siren to exist and try to live among us a normal life.

I loved the author's take in the matter, how she attempted to explain everything to us, right away, and how she presented us with the struggle Serena, who was now supposed to answer to the name Nathalie, as her old self is supposed to be dead, faced in her new life.

How she wanted to get back to her family in Switzerland, at least to tell them that she is fine, for them not to mourn anymore. But her three guardians, her new family members knew better than to let her do what she had in mind.
Instead, she was now supposed to start afresh, leading the life of a high school girl in America.

I rarely have the opportunity to read about this fantastic mythological creature, the Siren, an I was greatly excited that this read provided me with the chance!
I loved the little changes the author had made, so that it would become easier for a Siren to fit into our world. Especially as the story progressed, and "Nathalie" was called to take more and more difficult decisions, regarding her new life!

The writing was easy, fast-paced and smooth, and I would totally love to get to know more about Nathalie's story!

All in all, 4 stars to a fresh, original and easy read, 
written by a newly presented author!

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