REVIEW: Remembrance Of Blue Roses by Yorker Keith

 Title: Remembrance Of Blue Rose

Author: Keith, Yorker

Format: eBook provided by the author

Edition: English

Publication: April, 2016

Pages: 294

My Rating: ✿✿✿✿

My Review:

This was a quite unusual read for me.
I rarely pick up books that talk about relationship and the hardships that can occur in them.
Especially, if there might be talk of infidelity. I have a soft spot for this kind of stuff.

But, still, this book managed to make me overcome my hesitation and read it almost in one sitting!
The writing style of the author might have played a huge part to that, as it flowed so naturally, and I enjoyed so much the way everything was described, especially the stories of the characters' past, or their family stories.

I loved very much, that this book didn't follow a specific road, and didn't just include people from the same country.
On the contrary, only the protagonist, Mark, was an American. His friend Hans was German and his wife Yukari, Japanese.
Mark's ex-wife, Francine, was Swiss, and her second husband, Shem Tov, an Israeli.
There were also Filippinos!

I love multi-cultural novels. It is so rare to stumble upon one, though, that when I found out about this book, I couldn't grasp this opportunity fast enough!

The story became soon a little complex, but that didn't stop me from wanting to go on with it and learn much more about the characters in question!
I liked very much Mark's personality. I loved how much he wanted to be faithful to his friend Hans, even if Yukari was a constant temptation and distraction.

I also enjoyed very much the fact that his personality seemed to have grown so much since the years he was married to Francine and engaged to a high-school sweetheart of his, Jane.

All in all, 4 stars for an enjoyful multi-cultural novel, 
that grasps the difficult matter of relationships nowadays.

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