REVIEW: Shadow of the Raven by Millie Thom

 Title: Shadow Of The Raven

Part of Series: Sons Of Kings (#1)

Author: Millie Thom

Format: eBook provided by the author

Edition: English

Publication: May, 2015

Pages: 305

My Rating: ✿✿✿✿✿

My Review:

I don't mention it nearly enough, but I love historical fiction, especially if the author successfully puts me into the climate and the mood of the time and age, in which the novel takes place.
There is also one more thing I love. The Medieval Times.

So, it didn't come as a surprise the fact that I loved this book.
It was pretty obvious right from the beginning that the author had made a great deal of research before writing this novel, and tried to stick closer to the truth as much as it was possible, while also giving the novel a personal tone and filling the holes of the history and mythology included in this book, very smoothly.

The story revolved around the parallel lives of Alfred of Wessex and Eadwulf of Mercia, who live in the two aforementioned parts of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms.
Their stories begin separately, and their childhoods are vastly different, while the story passes from territory to territory, each man is going to get closer to his real destiny.

I liked the plot very much, and I was very glad that we could also glimpse other countries as they were back in The Medieval Times.
The two men also learned quite a few valuable lessons through their road from childhood to manhood, some of which I also found really enlightening.

The writing style was perfect. It effectively gave off the feeling of the times, as well as described Alfred and Eadwulf's personalities and every factor that contributed to their final form and shape.

As for the characters, I liked quite a few, and especially one of the two boys was my favorite!
I'm not going to reveal exactly which one, because I am not sure I can do it without revealing any spoilers.
But, if you have also read this wonderful novel, or you are just curious to know, I would be more than happy to discuss and even compare opinions.

All in all, 5 stars to a wonderful historical novel,
that helped me explore in more depth a time and age
I had never before had the pleasure read about!

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