REVIEW: Grand Opening by T.F. Pruden

Title: Grand Opening

Author: Pruden, T. F.

Format: eBook copy

Edition: English

Publisher: Amazon

Publication: 2016

Pages: 136

Goodreads Blurb: 
"Set in western Canada during the roaring nineteen eighties, "Grand Opening" is the tragi-comic tale of three men pursuing the dream of owning a restaurant. 

Wayne Stevens is a near bankrupt entrepreneur looking for a second chance. Rene Lemieux is a hardened businessman seeking another conquest and more profits. Maurice Deshampes is a recovering alcoholic and chef, desperate to be a restaurateur. Together, they form a partnership that will change their lives in ways they did not imagine. 

The launch of a new restaurant and an impetuous attempt to live out their dreams provides the backdrop for Grand Opening. An intricate cascade of fantasies, falsehoods, fabrications, lust, substance abuse, and cock-eyed optimism is served by the terse plot. A race for glory, seasoned with humor and drama inevitably unfolds. 

It's a wild ride to the Grand Opening."

My Rating: ✿✿✿

My Review:

This book provided a quite interesting read, revolving around the lives of three men, that weren't as successful in life, trying to start a new business from scratch, and all the struggles and doubts they underwent!

First introduced is Wayne. Wayne knows how it's like to run your own business, having already co-owned a club, which after two years close down due to the partners' debts.
He is now forced to do a manual job, in order to make a living, having lost everything.

Rene is a businessman with quite a lot of wealth. The thing that really disappoints him in his life is the fact that he is divorced, something that his religion doesn't approve. He also doesn't have the chance to see his kids often, but he still wants them to be proud of him.

Maurice is a recovering alcoholic who works at a restaurant, but can't really have a say at the menu or even contribute to the main dishes, a fact that deeply disappoints him.

These three men, each driven by their own desires and ambitions, decide to unite in order to open their own restaurant, with Maurice as a chef. 
Apart from the struggles that come with opening a new business, though, they soon need to face their own insecurities and self-doubts, too!

I immediately liked the writing style of the author, and I particularly enjoyed the fact that the main characters were described in detail, while at the same time quite a lot of information was withheld to be revealed gradually.
This way, while we thought we had completely figured a character out, we would see a new aspect of personality and consider things from a new perspective.
I really loved that fact, and it made me want to keep reading about these three hard-working and ambitious men!

The blurb of this book promises a wild ride until the Grand Opening, and it really is just that!

All in all, 4 stars for a great read that gives us 
a pretty good idea of exactly how difficult it is to open and run your own business, 
while at the same time reflecting upon yourself and your capacities 
and succeeding in overcoming your doubts and insecurities.

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