REVIEW: Johnson Road Saga Two Book Bundle by Clayton E. Spriggs

 Title: Johnson Road AND Peterson County Murders

Author: Spriggs, Clayton E.

Format: eBook copy

Edition: English

Publisher: Penn Mill Publishing

Publication: November 6th, 2016

Pages: 665

Goodreads Blurb: 

JOHNSON ROAD: Book One - The Saga Begins 
"Hiding in plain sight, a predator stalks its prey…" 
When Purvis Johnson fell on hard times, he agreed to sell most of his land to a real-estate developer. Before long, the dirt road that once served as his make-shift driveway became a paved street. Newly constructed houses sprung up on both sides. Families moved in. The quiet neighborhood became the perfect place to raise a family. 
Meet Jake and Mary Bickman and their two sons, the first to move into their new home. Soon, Thomas and Gladys Jenkins buy the house across the street and introduce a beautiful baby girl to the world. The wealthy Peterson couple and their two children build the big house near the end of the block, right next door to the tiny shack where the Johnsons still reside. One by one, tragedy will strike them all. 
Welcome to Peterson County, Alabama, mid-twentieth century Americana; a quaint, rural community on its journey to becoming the suburban utopia promised by the American Dream. By the time the dreamers realize they are trapped inside a nightmare, it’s too late. 
Something has gone terribly wrong inside the dream – something evil – something on Johnson Road. 

PETERSON COUNTY MURDERS: Book Two of the Johnson Road Saga 
A retelling of the Johnson Road story from the killer's point of view with additional insight into how and why things happened the way they did, and the chase to catch the evil, incredibly cunning, murderer. 
"Chasing a serial killer..." 
From the moment they found the body, the hunt was on. 
Now that the FBI and US Marshals were involved, Sheriff Clifford Gaskin and Deputy Sean Willis were confident it was only a matter of time before they tracked down the murderer and brought justice to the people of Peterson County. 
Detective Robert Stallworth wasn’t so sure. This was no ordinary criminal they were searching for. This killer was clever and cruel, but most of all, he was evil. Only hell itself could have produced such a monster, and this demon wasn’t going to stop. He was having too much fun. Only the detective and the killer knew what this psychopath was capable of and what really happened on Johnson Road.  "

My Rating: ✿✿✿

My Review:

I received a two-book bundle of the Johnson Road Saga, therefore my review will be collective, but with separate mentions to the two books!

Johnson Road: Book One - The Saga Begins

I greatly enjoyed reading this book!
The stories were very interesting and the way the author narrated them flawless.
We were given full details of each major character appearing on the book, and soon had a detailed perception of their personalities, as well as, the way they were shaped.

The only drawback was the fact that there were so many characters. At first, I found it quite hard to remember the names of all the inhabitants of Johnson Road, and the exact nature of the relationships between them!
The fact that sometimes the story went back and forth in time so that other stories would be narrated, made me a little confused at first, as to which timeline we were currently following!

But the story was so intriguing, that I couldn't help but keep reading.
As a result, I felt more and more comfortable the more I read.

The story started with the lonely sack in the huge property of Purvis Johnson.
When he became in need of selling the biggest part of this property, and the new houses started being built, Purvis' new neighbors started inhabiting them!
Some were more likeable, some not so much, but they were all definitely interesting.
Especially when things started being even more intriguing!

I also loved the totally apparent negative feelings and antagonism between Detective Stallworth and Sheriff Gaskin.

Peterson County Murders: Book Two of the Johnson Road Saga

 The second novel in this two-book bundle is a retelling of everything that took place, but this time, from the point of view of the killer!

It always greatly interests me to read a crime novel from the perspective of the criminal.
It's so intriguing, especially if you have already read and liked the book from the point of view of the victims and the onlookers.
The culprit was cunning and clever, and I loved getting a glimpse of his mind and the way he was thinking. It made me see more clearly why everything that took place in the first novel, happened the way it did!

I loved this novel as much as the previous book, and totally recommend that you make sure you read both of the books in the bundle.

Probably I also enjoyed it so much because it reminded me more of the typical crime novels, where the police is looking for the serial killer, while the first installment wasn't your typical crime story.

All in all, 4 stars for two books that I greatly enjoyed, 
written in a very original way and with lots of details on the personalities 
and deeper characteristics of everyone involved!

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