Reviewed ♠ Maestra (Maestra #1) by L.S. Hilton

Maestra (Maestra #1)
Goodreads blurb

A shockingly original thriller - the launch title of Zaffre, the new fiction imprint of Bonnier Publishing Fiction

My Review

I have to admit that I had very high expectations when I picked this book.
I was actually ogling it in physical and online bookstores for several months.

However, when I actually got the chance to acquire it, and started reading it, the verdict didn't end up being so positive.
The opposite, in fact.

At first, it was okay, our heroine (whose name I have to think very hard about, in order to remember, after all those different ones she has used) was just a hardworking girl, who had made her life entirely on her own, with no help whatsoever from anyone else. And, (at first, let me emphasise) I actually admired her for it.

But, then, she just became power-money-fashion-sex hungry, interested only in herself, setting up dangerous tricks and even ending up killing people that didn't fill into her plans.

Somewhere around that point I had started being fed up of her whole attitude and her character in general, and the constant extremely detailed descriptions of every single piece of outfit she was wearing.

All in all, I'm disappointed to say, and try hard to avoid any strong verbs or nouns, that this book deeply tired me and almost forced me to drop it and never pick it up again, but I kept going just because I was curious as to how many more people would the heroine get rid of and play around like they were nothing.

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