Review ⤞ What Does Consent Really Mean? by Pete Wallis, Joseph Wilkins, Thalia Wallis

What Does Consent Really Mean?


"Consent is not the absence of 'NO', it is an enthusiastic YES!!"

While seemingly straightforward, Tia and Bryony hadn't considered this subject too seriously until it comes up in conversation with their friends and they realise just how important it is.

Following the sexual assault of a classmate, a group of teenage girls find themselves discussing the term consent, what it actually means for them in their current relationships, and how they act and make decisions with peer influence. Joined by their male friends who offer another perspective, this rich graphic novel uncovers the need for more informed conversations with young people around consent and healthy relationships. Accompanying the graphics are sexual health resources for students and teachers, which make this a perfect tool for broaching the subject with teens.


This is one of the best graphic novels I've read!
Not only is it well written and nicely illustrated, but it also tackles a very important issue, that has been broadly discussed lately, but I am not confident enough that its importance has been emphasized to the younger populations.

And, this novel could serve exactly that purpose!

Just like the creators highlight, consent is not just the absence of "No", but an enthusiastic and explicitly communicated "YES".

This message is conveyed through the graphic novel, when a group of female friends start discussing about one of their new classmates who is rumored to have been raped.

I like the fact that the girls at first seem to never having thought of the issue of consent in much detail before, something that I am fairly sure is the case among the majority adolescents. But, gradually and through their conversation, they start realizing that they do not have any need or obligation to consent to anything they are not 100% sure they want.

And, then, their male friends approach them and are let into the conversation, which only serves to make it even more realistic and important, as it is highlighted that they do not purposefully make their girlfriends do stuff the latter might not have done otherwise, but they really have no clue as to how to properly ask for their consent and not just assume that they do.

I can't stress enough how important it is for today's adolescents to have access to this particular graphic novel, and especially to familiarize with the concept of consent.

All in all, 5 stars for an important graphic novel, 
which succeeds in conveying a powerful message.


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