Review & Giveaway | TO DREAM IS TO DIE by Sarah Lampkin

Author: Sarah Lampkin
Pub. Date: January 8, 2019
Publisher: The Parliament House
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 296
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Eighteen-year-old Brenna Whit is entering college as a freshman and starting to meet new people, but she hides a dark secret. Because of an accident that happened three years ago, her spirit wanders the Fade whenever she falls asleep. It's something she wants to keep hidden from the world, but when she sees someone watching her in spirit form, she fears the secret's out. With new friends, possibly new enemies, school, and a new crush, Brenna has too much to worry about for just her freshman year of college.

My Review:
One is the eternal question human beings revolve around:
What happens after death.

Well, I have to admit, this brand new series by Sarah Lampkin is giving a quite interesting interpretation of what exists beyond our dreams and imagination. And, she did make sure the plot accompanying that interpretation would be exciting and intriguing.

But, first things first. Let's start with our main character, Brenna. A former party-girl who used to enjoy life a little too much, until that fateful day of her death. Although, she managed to force her spirit back to her body, the Fade, the spiritual plane that exists out there, never really let her fully escape. In fact, every time she fall asleep she returns back to it in spirit form.
And, she never encountered any problems. Before now, that is.
Damon, the irritating guy she met at college is just the first of her problems, which seem to just escalate from there.

Brenna is a strong heroine, with lots of sarcasm and attitude, but not in an over-the-top and annoying way. She is very proud and doesn't like asking for help. In other words? If you're looking for a heroine that is no damsel in distress, look no further. This is the book for you.

The setting of this novel is in a college, a fact that I particularly enjoyed as I love reading or watching movies about US colleges, that are so different than the ones I'm used to.
And, of course, I couldn't forget mentioning the amazing characters surrounding Brenna, all of whom we're meeting slowly, gradually, at the same pace that our heroine does, making them all more lovable, and feeling like they are actually our friends and college acquaintances.

All in all, 4 stars for a book very carefully crafted and well-written by the author. 
I can't wait to get my hands on the second installation of the series.

About Sarah:
A native of Richmond, Virginia, Sarah Lampkin is a 2015 graduate from Lynchburg College with a master’s degree in English. Since graduation, Sarah moved to Northern Virginia to work in the IT field as a Technical Writer while continuing her research for her graduate school thesis. When she isn’t work, Sarah continues her Celtic mythology research and Gaelic studies, while working on the Dead Dreamer series.
Although she currently lives in Northern Virginia, Sarah frequently travels back home to Richmond to visit family, friends, and her godchildren. During the winter months, she is in Richmond more frequently to spend time in the woods hunting and contemplating the meaning of life. She doesn’t always succeed in both endeavors, but the music of nature is worth it for peace of mind.
In her free time, she likes to play RPG video games, and rock climbing. To make sure she can make the most out of her day, she wakes up at 4am every morning to work on her fitness, so in the evening she has time to continue writing. Her passion for writing has been around since high school where she wrote her first short story. It continued as she worked towards her bachelor’s degree, and that is where the Dead Dreamer series began. Although only self- published via online, Sarah’s dream is to write for a living and continue to create fictional worlds where her mind can reside.
Her work mainly focuses on Celtic themes, mixed with elements from the spiritual world. And her characters always have a flair of attitude and sarcasm because writing damsels in distress is something she just can’t do.


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