Review | Bibi & Miyu

My rating: ★★★★

This was such an entertaining and cute read!

The story starts in Germany, where Bibi lives and in the very first chapter, a new girl arrives to her school from Japan. Bibi is magical, like her mother and unlike her father, and, as she soon discovers, Miyu is hiding her own magical secret. The girls become fast friends and Miyu invites Bibi to Japan for school break. Thus, the adventure begins!

This was an incredibly fluffy and cute story, with impressive, well-drawn and cute illustrations, manga-style.

I loved how the differences between the German and Japanese educational systems are also brought up and explored. You can't be anything but impressed.

This is perfect for both dedicated fans to the manga genre and people with no experience in it. For the latter population, this story will introduce them to this genre and will make them love it for ever.

I would like to thank the publisher and NetGalley, for sending me a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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