How do you keep track of your current place in a book?

* I use random scraps of paper

  23706 votes, 26.1%
I read ebooks, so it's easy
  18243 votes, 20.1%
I use ordinary bookmarks
  17326 votes, 19.1%

I use fancy bookmarks
  11237 votes, 12.4%

I dog-ear my books
  7752 votes, 8.5%

I remember
  6359 votes, 7.0%

I use the dust jacket flap
  1299 votes, 1.4%

I use goodreads progress updates!
  1231 votes, 1.4%

I finish books in a single sitting
  810 votes, 0.9%

* My vote!

 90878 total votes

This was a very interesting poll I found in Goodreads.
Check it out, too. There is a selection for write-in answers you can submit yourself.
So awesome!


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