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Between working on The Fiery Heart and preparing her new series The Gameboard of Gods, both out later this year, Richelle Mead took the time to Twitter chat on the #readpenguin.

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Q. Where did the idea of The Keepers come from? PS: Angeline is epically awesome! :D
RM: Keepers came bc there'd have to be Moroi who didn't take part of the normal system and rules. I also

Q. My question: Don't you think Adrian is just so adorable?
RM: Yes...Adrian might be TOO adorable.

Q: Will we see more of lissa, rose, Christian, dimitri in the next book? Or the books after that? :)
RM: Lissa, Rose, Christian, and Dimitri are in book 4, The Fiery Heart. :)

Q: Is ever Ian going to play a role in the books?
RM: We'll see lots of Ian in The Indigo Spell. He's still pretty hot for Sydney. :)

Q: when did Adrian start and finally found out that he had feelings for Sydney?
RM: Hang on a few days until I write about that in my book club posts b/c I'm going to talk about when Adrian first KNEW. Great question :)

Q: Who the father Dmitri? Please
RM: Dimitri's father is a secret for another day... :)

Q: We have a Dhampir and Moroi as the male leads in VA & BL. Will a human boy be next?
RM: Haven't thought that far ahead. :)

Q: Is there going to be a movie on Bloodlines? :)
RM: No Bloodlines movie, but a VA one is making progress!

Q: Here in Mexico just be published Shadow Kiss..what do you say to your mexican fans?
RM: Hola, and I hope Mexico loves the book! Shadow Kiss is an exciting one. :)

Q: which 2013 book release of yours are you the most excited about: indigo, gameboard or fiery?
RM: All! Gameboard b/c I don't know if people will like it and the others because I think fans will go crazy over Sydrian!

Q: do you think adrian and i could be soulmates because my name is sydney and im ALSO blonde?
RM: Sounds like you've got two strong things in your favor...

Q: how many more books are you planning to write for bloodlines?
RM: Bloodlines will have six books total, just like VA

Q: Technically not a bloodlines question, but Team Ivashkov or Team Belikov?!
RM: I'm Team All My Guys

Q: idk if u can answer but do u know when Bloodlines Golden Lily will be out in Canada in French?
RM: I don't know, unfortunately! I don't know the French publisher's schedule. Sorry.

Q: When you're done with the last BL book will you be done with the VA world completely?
RM: I'd like to do more with the VA world when Bloodlines finishes, but I'm not sure what yet.

Q: who's your favourite character? :)
RM: Can't play favorites. :)

Q: Do the keepers have a way that dhampirs can reproduce with other dhampirs?!
RM: Nope--the Keepers haven't found a way yet for dhampirs and dhampirs to have babies

Q: Why did you decide on a human private school and not on any other setting?
RM: I did a human school b/c I wanted a new setting, plus I was interested in how vampires would adapt there

Q: who did you prefer writing about, Adrian and Sydney or Adrian and Rose?
RM: Probably Adrian/Sydney since I knew how it'd pan out w/Rose, though A & R had good banter sometimes. :)

Q: what was your favorite VA book to write?
RM: Shadow Kiss was probably my fave VA book to write, even though it depressed so many people. Loved writing it.

Q: Do you have a feminist perspective when writing your books?
RM: I absolutely believe in female characters who can kick ass mentally and physically.

Q: Where you able to think of your "world" before you began writing the series, or did it evolve as you wrote?
RM: I thought of the world basics when I began writing, but a lot of it has definitely grown along the way. Still is! :)

Q: Is it easier to write for the Vampire world or the Alchemist world?
RM: Writing for vampires & Alchemists is about the same, though I always have to look up brainy facts for the Alchs

Q: Will Adrian ever be able to move on past what Rose and Dimitri did?
RM: Check out the Bloodlines series to find out. :)

Q: Through Bloodlines will we get to see Rose and Dimitri get married :)
RM: Aw, I don't give away any future secrets! Just keep reading. :)

Q: Hello! Please can you tell us the name of the cover model of Adrian in bloodlines?!
RM: I don't know who the Adrian model is on Bloodlines. Sorry! :(

Q: Will we see Lissa and Jill's sisterly relationship develop anymore throughout the books? :)
RM: Lissa and Jill should have more interactions near the end of the Bloodlines series, prob books 5 and 6.

Q: Does Adrian hate Dimitri a little less by the end of The Golden Lily? Or maybe The Indigo Spell? Love your books!
RM: Adrian is definitely much cooler w/Dimitri. In Fiery Heart, A even says he respects D! :)

Q: how many pages will be in indigo spell? .... I'm hoping there are at least 500 lol
RM: don't have the page count handy, but Indigo is a little longer than Golden Lily.

Q: Many characters from VA are getting acknowledged/appearing, will Janine be getting involved more?
RM: We'll see a little Janine near the end of Bloodlines series, along with other fave characters

Q: Will we see more of Adrian/Christian's friendship later in the series?
RM: We'll see a little Adrian/Christian bonding near the end of the series. C sticks up for Adrian on a big issue

Q: Anymore Abe to come? And did he have that 'hunting trip' with Dimitri? How'd that go?
RM: Abe's hunting trip was just a joke. :) But we will see more of Abe in books 5 and 6.

Q: Hi Richelle, I would like to know how do you come up with your characters' names?
RM: I usually pick names by what "feels" right, flipping through name books. For Russian names, I do internet hunts

Q: Are you as excited as we are about the new book?
RM: I'm actually SUPER EXCITED about the book! Maybe not as much as you but pretty close! Hope you love it.

Q: how do you feel rose and dimitri developed from their initial relationship dynamic from book 1-6?
RM: Short answer: It grew stronger and became about inner attraction and not just outer.

Q: Are the keepers going to play a bigger role in future books
RM: We'll see some Keepers near the end of the Bloodlines series. Angeline has some good parts in Indigo too. :)

Q: are we seeing more of Adrian's Mom in the next books?
RM: Great question! We'll being hearing more about Adrian's mom in the second half of the series

Q: would you ever consider a spin off of just Adrian? Or one book just for Adrian, like his journal or something?
RM: Bloodlines is a spin-off about Adrian, and Fiery Heart will be told in his POV (plus Sydney's).

Q: Do you like writing from Rose's or Sydney's perspective more?
RM: I love both Rose and Sydney. They're so different! R is wilder, S more reserved. Makes both fun to write.

Q: how did you come up with such amazing ideas? greetings from Ecuador!
RM: The ideas just come from all parts of life! :) Hola, Ecuador!

Q: is there gonna be any more stories written from roses point of view?! I miss Dimka n rose :(((
RM: We might see more of Rose someday, but I'm not 100% sure yet. She'll have appearances in the Bloodlines series, though.

Q: how did you come up for the setting of Palm Springs?
RM: Chose Palm Springs b/c I needed a sunny place vampires wouldn't like. :)

Q: Is Eddie going to finally settle down in his love life?
RM: Aw, Eddie! You'll have to keep reading. He has lots of romantic problems ahead. :)

Q: Did switching between Sydney & Adrian's perspective make writing The Fiery Heart more difficult than other books?
RM: Yes! Writing both Syd & Adr in Fiery Heart is very hard. It's a struggle to keep their voices unique.

Q: I really love your work!! When will you know for certain if the VA will be signed as a movie or tv show?
RM: There's work going on with a VA movie now, and I hope to have news in the next few weeks I can share.

Q: How/why did you decide it was okay to bring adult themes into a series that would be marketed as YA?
RM: I think it's naive to think adult themes don't happen in teen lives, so I tried to make VA realistic

Q: what book (from bloodlines) you liked most writing?
RM: The Golden Lily was my fave Bloodlines book (so far), but Fiery Heart is pretty cool too.

Q: have you ever read fanfictions related to any of your stories (kincaid, VA, bloodlines or dark swan, you know)?
RM: I stay away from fan fiction. I can't handle it. :)

Q: Thoughts of Nic as Adrian?
RM: Nic is definitely super cute. :)

Q: are you going to be doing a book tour for this series? Preferably on the east coast?
RM: We'll announce soon, but my book tour will be pretty local to the PacNW. I'll try to get east later in the year

Q: your plots always contain so many unexpected twists, what gives you so much inspiration and ideas?
RM: Life, a lot of reading, and an active imagination!

Q: When you were world building,you wrote cards or fact files about the world’s features? Or is it all on your mind?
RM: I made a lot of notes in Microsoft Word. I have files called "characters," "magic," etc.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of writing an Alchemist world?
RM: I figured it was time for humans to be involved. Vampires couldn't stay secret forever.

Q: some news about Vampire Academy Movie?
RM: Soon! :)

Q: why does Jill feel Adrian's emotion such as hangovers when it wasn't like that for rose?
RM: The bond is always a little different for everyone.

Q: I'm not sure if my last question got there? ;3; will we see Christian in Bloodlines at all~ i miss him
RM: In book 5 and 6

Q: Which was the hardest VA or Bloodlines book to write?
RM: Indigo Spell was the hardest to write b/c it was just after my son was born, and I was so tired.

Q: what made you chose Sydney to narrate the bloodline books? :)
RM: I wanted a human pov, plus she's just so different from Rose. It's been having Sydney around.

Q: How did the idea for bloodlines begin?
RM: I knew in Shadow Kiss I wanted to keep going w/the VA world, which is why Jill first shows up there

Q: How do you deal with writer's block?
RM: I'm usually on deadline, so I just put something on the page and hope I can fix it later!

Q: have you gotten stuck on something when world building? If so what was it?
RM: No specifics come to mind, but I write myself into corners a lot and have to look at my own world logic.

Q: Hi from Turkey!Thnks 4 creating BL. If u have to choose Sydney & Adrian which actor & actress would be your choices?
RM: I can't think of any actors that look like them. :) I'll have to think more. Hello, Turkey!

Q: Which one did you had more inspiration to wrote? Bloodlines or VA
RM: Plenty of inspiration for both VA and Bloodlines. I've loved them both.

Q: Do you plan to write some new series like Dark Swan? I really liked everyone, especially Dorian ^ ^
RM: There's a new adult book called Gameboard of the Gods coming, and I'd like to write more Eugenie one day

Q: I wanted to thank you from inspiring me to write !!
RM: Good luck!

Q: Will we find out more about Sydney's ability with magic?
RM: Yes--Sydney has tons of magic in Indigo and Fiery Heart!

Q: when is book 4 coming out
RM: Book 4 comes out in fall 2013.

Q: Will we see more of Sydney's Sisters Zoe & Carly?
RM: We'll see Zoe in books 3 and 4.

RM: Oy, I blasted through as many questions as I could and even went over time. 245 left! Sorry, guys. It's time to run.

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