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Dangerously Yours Synopsis:
 The Caribbean: home to crystalline beaches, scorching passions, and a twisted power hell-bent on destruction. DANGEROUSLY YOURS is a sizzling paranormal romance in which love is not the only force of nature…

Whales don’t just vanish from the ocean, but marine biologist Lex Durand saw one do just that. With years of research at stake and driven by the imperatives of her telepathic bloodline, she seeks the help of scientist-in-hiding Bodie Flynn—a man with little regard for others, and even less regard for Lex’s wealthy and secretive family. But while Lex was warned Bodie would be difficult, she never expects to find he has psychic abilities equal to her own.

Bodie despises being trapped in Durand Tech’s version of the witness protection program, and when a gorgeous, whip-smart Durand heiress lands on his beach asking for help, he’s unhappier still. The last person he wants in his life is the sister of the man who ruined him, but the disappearance of Lex’s whales could be related to the bizarre energy shifts he’s been studying in the Caribbean. He doesn’t trust Lex, but he needs her data, and isn’t above using her to get it.

As the dangerous force behind the changing seas becomes deadly, Lex and Bodie must put aside their personal agendas to track down a powerful foe. But when their attraction reaches a boiling point, facing their feelings may prove the hardest battle yet.

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The hum of an engine broke the peace. Bodie searched the sky to the west until a seaplane appeared above the mountain tops, circling low over the cove, the island’s only harbor. The height of the surrounding hills created wind currents that made landing tricky. On the other hand, the seas outside the bay were rough with a strong current and landing there was impossible.
The seaplane approached from the mouth of the harbor, coming in low and slowing. Bodie chuckled to himself. “Good luck, cowboy.”
The first wind sheer hit the plane, lifting a wing so suddenly most pilots would have found themselves flipped over. Not this guy. He steadied the craft and continued his descent. The next freak gust came from the other direction just as the plane skimmed the water. With a lurch, a pontoon sunk into a wave, nearly sending the plane nose first into the water before the pilot compensated and glided the craft across the choppy bay to the end of the pier.
Bodie shook his head. “Either damned good or damned lucky.”
The pilot cut the engine, climbed onto a pontoon and tied the plane to a cleat on the far end of the pier. All Bodie could see was the guy’s height—six feet at least. Only when the pilot leapt onto the dock did he see him clearly. And he was most definitely a she. A young, long-legged brunette striding down the dock in his direction.
            “Going somewhere, Bodie?”
His heart sputtered and started pounding. Nobody knew where he was or even that he was alive. Well, almost nobody. He straightened and turned to face her, expecting his height—all six-feet seven inches—to intimidate her. Instead she grinned.
“You are Bodie Flynn, aren’t you?” She planted her fists on her hips and her tone was less friendly now.
“Never heard of him.”
The woman wore a tailored uniform of crisp white shirt and khaki shorts. The dark aviator glasses were a little disconcerting but her body was athletic, with lean, defined muscle.
A slim eyebrow cocked over the Raybans. “Really? You mean there’s another Talos IV in Fat Dog Harbour?” She glanced down at the line he hadn’t quite untied. “I came from the British Virgins to see you, so don’t even think about blowing me off.”
Which was exactly what he was going to do. He folded his arms across his chest. “You’ve wasted your time and fuel.”
“I was told you could help us. I’m head of the Marine Mammal Research Foundation. Some whales we’ve been tracking have vanished. Their GPS devices went silent in the Puerto Rico Trench.”
Fear’s icy fingers gripped his lungs. Who was this woman? “Sorry. Can’t help you.”
She removed her Ray-Bans and fixed him with a blue-eyed stare. “I’m Lex Durand, Mark Durand’s sister.”
And with that, Bodie’s peaceful life shattered around him like a plate glass window strafed with machine gun fire. Mark Durand. The man who’d saved his life. The SOB who owned his soul.

Lark Brennan Bio:
Lark Brennan's love of reading, writing and travel has led to a string of colorful jobs and a well-worn passport – including a few years spent sailing and diving in the Virgin Islands (the setting of her first novel). She now works in marketing and public relations by day and writes romances set in exotic places by night. Lark dreams of one day moving to Paris, and in the meantime lives in Texas with her brilliant husband and two adorable canine “children.”

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