Release Blitz {Excerpt} -- Tara's First Love by Lola Grace Stevens

Tara’s First Love
Lola Grace Stevens
Release Blitz
Benjamin Rosen has always been a risk-taker, quick to jump in any situation. When he sees a young woman in need of rescuing, he immediately steps in and offers to pay for her freedom. But soon, he realizes saving her isn’t enough. Despite his confused feelings for the young woman, he will do anything in his power to keep her safe.
To run away from the saloon where Tara Moore has been forced to work is dangerous. As she is about to meet her end, a man shows up and rescues her. But, can he be trusted? Although she is far from sure about him, she agrees to marry him and together they leave for Texas where she hopes to start a new life.
Time heals all wounds and eventually Tara and Benjamin find trust and love in their new life. However, when tragedy strikes, will Tara be able to trust in their love?
***Tara's First Love is a novelette prequel. Word count is approx 22K***
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Esther looked at Tara for a few long moments, asking herself if it was the right time. “I’ll be right back.” She quickly went to the guest bedroom and found the small box she was looking for and brought it out to the table. “Benjamin wrote to us.”
“I know that. I’ve seen him write to you every day.” She was still very confused about the way Esther was acting.
“No, I mean he wrote to us about your family. After he found out how old you really were, he wrote to us. Simon started looking into what you knew of your family. I think he wanted to be sure it was true.” Esther pulled out a weathered piece of paper. “He found this article… talking about a fire in 1872. I believe you would have been eight years old at the time.”
“That was the year I was burned,” Tara murmured, taking the paper from her. Her fingers trembled and tears threatened to spill over her eyes as she read the article.
Moore Family Home Burns
                                                July 1, 1872
The home of Ronan Moore, tailor to the wealthy of New York, burned to the ground last night in a terrifying blaze. Within the home were Ronan Moore, his wife Bridget, and their children, Liam, Gavin, Brendan, Shaina, Colm, Iona, Cara, and triplets Andrew, Kevin, and Tara. The house was a complete loss. The deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Moore, as well as the two youngest, Cara and Iona, have been confirmed. There is no word about the rest of the children, although several witnesses have claimed that no one survived. The Moores’ are survived only by their two eldest children, Fiona Carson nee Moore and Ronan Moore Jr.
“I’m afraid Simon investigated that as well. It was said the shock of losing her family caused Fiona to suffer a miscarriage. She didn’t survive it.”
“And Ronan?”
“He was a sailor. Six months after the fire that took your family, the ship he was on went down in a storm. There were no survivors,” Esther said very softly. She had asked Simon over and over if he had been sure. He had insisted that he spoke to a woman who was well-informed on the subject. In fact they had found out that four of Tara’s siblings had survived, but the woman had told them that all four of the children had also passed away within months. Looking at Tara right then, Esther knew she couldn’t tell her about them. It would simply cause her more pain.
“It says I was a triplet,” Tara whispered. She ran her finger over the name Andrew and tried to hold back tears. “I always loved the names Andrew and Kevin… but I never knew why. It was why Walter…” her words trailed off as a tear slipped down her cheek. When Walter had been born, she had known without any doubt in her mind that she wanted to name him Walter Andrew. She’s had no reason to give when Benjamin asked her about the name Andrew, all she had known was she needed to give the baby that name.
About the Author:

Lola Grace has been reading books since three years old. Falling in love with reading at such a young age encouraged her to write her own short stories and poems under her real name. She is now taking steps into writing romance novels.
Lola Grace Lives in Southern California, she is married and the mother of three children. Also included in their family is four cats and two turtles. In her spare time she enjoys reading and rock climbing. Lola Grace writes in the evening when her children are in bed and she had time to focus on bringing her incredible characters to life.
You can find her books exclusively at Amazon, except for the first three weeks of a release, where the newest book is available at Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble. She currently writes two series- the 'Family of Fire' and the 'Men of Turtlecreek'.
She has two websites-
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